30+ creative things you can do with BookWidgets

If you know BookWidgets, you definitely know the ocean of possibilities it has. With BookWidgets, teachers can make interactive exercises and automatically graded quizzes. The tool integrates well with other platforms like Google Classroom, Canvas, Moodle, Schoology, … and can be used on all devices, smartphones included.

You can choose between 40 different interactive exercise templates and add your own lesson content, and let your students complete the exercises and send them back to you. Then, you can easily give feedback and monitor your students progress.

I’ve been giving you some fun BookWidgets lesson examples and inspiration on the BookWidgets blog for more than 2 years, so I wanted to bundle these together for you into a handy overview.

I split my lists up into the following categories:

  1. BookWidgets lesson examples per subject
  2. BookWidgets used for learning methods
  3. BookWidgets used for learning strategies
  4. Fun BookWidgets activities
  5. BookWidgets lesson examples per widget

Keep this BookWidgets activity list close, because as many more articles will be written, I will update this post with new links.

BookWidgets lesson examples per subject

1. Biology

Find out how you can use widgets like Hotspot Images, Split Worksheets, Whiteboards, Timelines, Spot the Difference and many more for in your biology lessons. Get inspired by these creative lesson examples. Read more

2. History

The number 1 widget for history? Everybody would say the Timeline widget of course. And you’re right, but you can do so much more with other widgets as well… Get ready for these 9 other widgets that can be used in your history lessons. Read more

3. Geography

Use the quiz widget for on a field trip. Let students insert pictures of buildings on their way. This is so much fun for the students. You could also use other widgets like the before/after widget, the hotspot image widget, the flash cards widget and the Google Maps widget. Read more

4. Languages

There are a lot of widgets you can use for every aspect of language courses. Speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar. Check out the blog post for some fun language lesson ideas. Read more

5. Math

BookWidgets has created some special math widgets like the Arithmetic widget, or the Chart widget. But don’t stick to them. There’s only so much you can do with the other widgets as well…Like teaching fractions with BookWidgets for example. Check out how you can teach math interactively: Read more And there’s more! You can even use LateX in BookWidgets.

6. Chemistry

Use the Timeline widget for students to record the evolution of an experiment. Students can even insert images, just like in the Worksheet widget. This blog post shows you that you can be creative in teaching chemistry as well. Read more

7. Physics

The Active plot widget is the best widget to teach your students about (sound)waves. Of course you can use other widgets, like the Worksheet widget, to let students document experiments, or the WebQuest widget to create complete lessons. Read more

BookWidgets used for learning methods

8. Differentiated learning

In this post I talk about digital differentiation with BookWidgets and how you can implement it in your classroom, and give some examples to get started. If you’re working in Google Classroom, this is also a handy post about differentiation. Read more

9. Flip the classroom

Learn how BookWidgets can help you enhance your flipped classroom, inspired by our teacher fans who are doing just that. And of course, a lesson example is included. The best widget for flipped learning? The WebQuest widget! Read more

10. Blended learning

As I said before, the WebQuest widget is suited for blended learning (or flipping the classroom). You can create a great lesson and embed instructional videos, quizzes, games and other widgets and links. Read more

11. Microlearning

Use the WebQuest widget or the Hotspot image widget to create micro lessons for your students. You can use different sections in the WebQuest widget that students have to complete step by step. Take a look at the blog post to get some creative lesson ideas. Read more

BookWidgets used for learning strategies

In these blog posts, I show you how to combine BookWidgets with the different learning strategies:

12. Spaced practice

There are a few widgets you could use to help your students study and spread learning materials over a period of time. Check out which widgets and how you could use them for this effective learning strategy. Read more

13. Retrieval practice

The Flashcard widgets is are often used to retrieve knowledge, but there some other widgets you can use as well. The Whiteboard widget, Mind Map widget, Quiz widget, Exit slip widget and the Timeline widget. Read more

Fun BookWidgets activities

14. QR Codes

QR codes are hot. That’s why BookWidgets decided to do something with them. You can make a QR code for every widget and your students can scan them with the app. Ready for some lesson ideas as well? Read more

15. Breakout widgets

There are many options in BookWidgets that can be used as a breakout box. The list of widgets in this blog post shows you some of the possibilities. Students have to make widgets and if they got it right, they’ll find the hidden clues and codes. Read more

16. Introduction games

Relax and get to know each other in an informal atmosphere with these fun introductory games, which you can use as icebreakers and are made with BookWidgets. What a fun way to start a new school year and to get to know each other! Read more

BookWidgets lesson examples per widget

We haven’t written a blog post about every single widget yet, but you can find a nice overview with a lesson example of the widgets right here.

Here is a list of blog posts, each dedicated to a single widget type:

17. Exit Slip

What makes a good exit slip? How to interpret a BookWidgets exit slip and when to use exit tickets? You’ll find out in this post, along with a great exit slip example and some inspiring exit slip prompts. Read more

18. Flash Cards

Add audio, text and visuals to your Flash cards and use them in all sorts of lessons. In this post, we give you some Flash Cards examples for history, math, languages, sight words and geography. Read more

19. Whiteboard

You provide a picture, some instructions, and your students can draw whatever you want them to draw on it. Whiteboard widgets are not only great for subjects such as biology, geography, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, they can also be very fun for the less scientific subjects such as languages and arts. Check out these amazing lesson example in the post. Read more

20. Quiz

Ask your students whatever you want with these 20+ interactive question formats. Bonus: the quiz, worksheet and split worksheet do the grading for you. You can even track your students' progress. Read more

21. Timeline

Here are some examples and resources you can use to start creating your own timelines. You can create editable timelines or fixed timelines. P.S. not just for history lessons! Think about science subjects as well. Read more

22. WebQuest

What is a WebQuest and how do you make one with BookWidgets? Take a look at this blog post to see a fun example and to find out the 6 stages of a WebQuest. Create complete lessons with the webquest and include other widgets and webpages. Read more

Yes, you should know how a webquest works. And besides that you should also know this: we wrote a post showing you 9 different ways to use webquests in you classroom! Read more

23. Bingo Card

Use bingo in the classroom to rehearse anything from language vocabulary to math and historical facts. Check out the 25 bingo lesson examples including a fun example of clockreading! Read more

24. Crossword

The crossword widget isn’t just for language translations or definitions. Check out how you can also use it for math and other courses like science and geography or even as a fun introducation game! Read more

25. Memory - PairMatching

Let’s bring Memory and Pair matching games to the next level, and make them fun AND pedagogical for children to learn. Create text pairs, picture pairs, or mixed pairs. What a fun and interactive learning activity. Read more

26. MindMap - Checklist - Planner

We’ve created three widget types that you can use to teach students processes, and help them bring structure to their thought process: the Checklist widget, the Planner widget and the Mind Map widget. Take a look at the blog post to fun some good lesson ideas. Read more

27. Randomness

What can you do with the Randomness widget? More than you think! Use it for storytelling and spark your students imagination. Use it as an icebreaker or as a probability experiment. You can even use it to study multiplication tables. Read more

28. Word Search

Word Search puzzles are only for language courses you say? Wrong! Check out how much fun you can create in other lessons as well. Yes, you can even use the wordsearch widget in your math courses! Read more

29. Hotspot Image

Here is some inspiration on how interactive images can be used in your lessons. Make them stand out with the Hotspot Image widget. Add another image, video, text, audio, other links or a wikipedia page. Read more

30. Survey

Picture this: all you need is to ask a few questions, and get an overview of what your students answered. No need for names, email addresses, …, just hit ‘Send’ and be done with it. Here, you don’t need a Quiz or Worksheet widget, you just need the Survey widget. Read more

31. TipTiles

Teaching just with words and text can me boring from time to time. That’s why visual learning is highly recommended in every classroom. Visual learning, or dual coding, combines text with images (and video) to encourage your students' engagement… and brain. It will make them remember much more! Check out what you can do with text, images, video and audio. Read more

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