BookWidgets Ambassador Program

Calling all BookWidgets wizards!

Do you have a passion for connecting and collaborating with a world-wide, professional learning network?

Our BookWidgets Ambassadors are passionate educators from around the world who know the ins and outs of teaching with BookWidgets. The ambassadors are here to help teachers with getting started and continuing to use BookWidgets in the classroom and beyond.

BookWidgets Ambassadors have an integral role in moving our mission forward as we strive to provide educators with a tool for content creation and evaluation that supports their students’ learning process, from beginning to end.

Get BookWidgets Ambassador Perks and more!

BookWidgets Ambassadors are part of a vibrant, inclusive community with access to resources, training, and support for sharing their expertise and passion for shaping the future of educational technology.

Free, Upgraded BookWidgets License

Be part of a vibrant, professional learning community

Exclusive opportunities for growth and professional learning

Early access to feature updates

Ambassador Badge to display on email signature and personal social channels

Presentation resources and opportunities to represent BookWidgets at events

Apply now to become a BookWidgets Ambassador!

Show your knowledge of BookWidgets and apply to become an Ambassador in 2 steps:

  1. Pass the BookWidgets Ambassador Application Quiz with a score of 80% or higher. You will have 60 minutes to complete 22 questions.
  2. Complete the BookWidgets Ambassador Application Form (access to the form is unlocked when you achieve 80% or higher on the Application Quiz).

To be accepted into the BookWidgets Ambassador program, applicants must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the platform and its features, along with a willingness to contribute to the BookWidgets community. Limited availability is based on location. Applicants will be notified by email as to the acceptance status of their application.

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