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  • Save time grading
  • Add interactivity to your lessons
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Choose from 40+ digital exercise templates that work on smartphones, tablets, and computers

Transform paper tests to interactive quizzes or worksheets that work on iPads, Chromebooks or any other device.

More into learning games? Choose from custom made crossword riddles, bingo sheets, memory games, and much more.

Evaluate, grade, and provide feedback to your students

Many exercises are automatically graded, freeing up time for you to give quality feedback to your students with a click.

We provide the information you need to quickly determine problem areas or students that need extra attention.

Follow student activity live

Monitor your students' progress in real-time while they're working on BookWidgets assignments, at home or in your classroom.

Immediately discover students that need extra challenges, help struggling students, play live games, take real-time surveys, and much more!

Works even better with Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams for Education, Moodle, Canvas or Schoology

Easily create, share, grade, and give feedback without leaving your trusted environment.

BookWidgets grades are automatically sent to your learning system's gradebook.

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You know best how to develop educational resources for your classroom

Who, better than you, knows what kind of teaching material will work best for your students? BookWidgets enables you to easily create custom material that will work for your class.

Using Kotobee?

Our powerful widget builder allows you to create rich interactive widgets that you can simply drag and drop into your Kotobee project.