Want to make the most of smartphones, tablets and computers in the classroom ?

Join thousands of teachers using BookWidgets, and create your own interactive teaching material that works on all devices.

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We learn and remember better when we engage with the topic.

That is why the use of ICT in the classroom has become so popular: students of all ages can engage more and learn better. With BookWidgets, you can create a large variety of engaging exercises in minutes, and with no coding skills. Worksheets, simulations, games… choose what works best for your content, and get started.

You know best how to develop educational resources for your classroom

Who, better than you, knows what kind of teaching material will work best for your students? BookWidgets enables you to easily create custom material that will work for your class.

Using iPad, Chromebook or any other device in the classroom?

BookWidgets was originally designed for iBooks Authors and iPads. But today, thanks to the web browser based version, it works equally fine on Android phones and tablets, Chromebooks, PC’s or Macs.

Using iBooks Author?

Then you have come to the right place: our powerful widget builder will allow you to create rich interactive widgets, that you can simply drag and drop into your iBooks Author project.

Using Google Classroom, Moodle, or Canvas?

BookWidgets integrates seamlessly with your favorite LMS. Creating and sharing widgets with your students in Google Classroom, Moodle, or Canvas is child’s play.

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