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Take Schoology to the next level by adding interactive exercises with BookWidgets
Jan 17, 2018

To manage a classroom and students, you need a good learning management system. There are many, but ...

20 fun lesson ideas with Explain everything for in the classroom
Jan 10, 2018

Sometimes it’s hard to explain something without being able to show it. Think about flipped ...

10 Self-made Christmas craft ideas teachers can make with their students
Dec 19, 2017

Christmas comes with lights, decorations, Santa, and many good wishes. So you might consider doing ...

13 Time saving tips for teachers - EdTech apps and tools
Dec 14, 2017

We can all agree that time management is crucial in teaching. An effective teacher is conscious of ...

A quick guide about using Chromebooks in the classroom
Dec 06, 2017

In this post, you’ll find everything about the Chromebook classroom. What is a Chromebook? Why ...

How to motivate students to enjoy learning - Part 5
Nov 29, 2017

Number 5 and still counting! Yet again an interesting piece for this blog post series that answers ...

Creating interactive exercises and automatically graded tests right inside Canvas
Nov 22, 2017

Everything is connected to each other. That’s just how the world works today. So why not create an ...

Using secret messages in the classroom - The best tools and lesson ideas
Nov 15, 2017

Students are solving problems all day. They are true detectives. Woundn’t it be fun to encourage ...

6 apps that help students with ADHD learn better
Nov 09, 2017

As you know, education is becoming more digital, such as the use of apps. The most exciting thing ...


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