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How to create digital game activities for the remote classroom
Aug 06, 2020

How can you bring interactivity in your remote teaching lessons? The most challenging aspect of ...

How to add automatically graded questions to your digital assignments - Video guide
Jul 29, 2020

Whether you give students a digital assignment, homework, or a test, the most important aspect is ...

Organize your BookWidgets account and start fresh next school year
Jul 08, 2020

Now the school year is over, there’s just one more thing to do: organize your BookWidgets account ...

15 fun school holidays activities for students - The bucket list
Jun 19, 2020

School’s almost finished. The summer break is around the corner. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ...

How to create a digital cluedo game for in your classroom
Jun 05, 2020

In Mrs. White’s villa, something horrific happened last night… There was a fancy party going on ...

10 free creative background images to spice up your digital assignments
May 06, 2020

Let’s make your digital lessons more fun by adding a BookWidgets-approved background image. For ...

Follow student progress live in Google Classroom
Apr 17, 2020

When you create interactive exercises with BookWidgets, you are often interested in knowing how ...

How to set up a remote classroom
Mar 09, 2020

Being in the same room as your students and being able to connect directly with them while you are ...

How to avoid students from cheating when taking tests in BookWidgets
Feb 21, 2020

Many people use BookWidgets to create interactive tests, ranging from very short tests to quickly ...


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