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Fact checking and fake news lesson plans - The ultimate teacher guide
Jan 16, 2019

The internet comes with an overload of information. Though this is a benefit to most teachers and ...

How to use voice recording in your classroom - The complete guide
Jan 09, 2019

Voice recording software for teachers can make everything much easier. The possibility to record ...

Best 7 strategies to increase student motivation online
Jan 02, 2019

Are you struggling to involve your online students and motivate them? Here are some workable ...

BookWidgets & 2018 - The year in review
Dec 19, 2018

As many a bottle will soon be popped, and kiss will soon be given, we’d like to first take a moment ...

5 Amazing Christmas lesson plans for primary school students
Dec 12, 2018

When the sun goes down quickly and stars appear sooner, Christmas is coming. Finally! What do your ...

10 Fun augmented reality apps for teachers to use in the classroom
Dec 05, 2018

Augmented Reality, or AR. It’s just like it sounds: a bit “techy”. It can scare you a little bit as ...

How to create an eBook for school and make it interactive
Nov 28, 2018

Education is all about reaching objectives. That’s the only thing teachers need to take into ...

How to set up a connected classroom across the globe
Nov 21, 2018

Everywhere across the world, people learn. A good education is essential to build a better world. ...

How to create interactive learning paths with Symbaloo and BookWidgets
Nov 16, 2018

Every student learns at a different pace. Some students can work independently, others need more ...


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