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Bringing structure to thinking: the Checklist, Planner and Mind Map widgets
May 21, 2017

Apart from factual knowledge and skills, one of the key things students learn in school are ...

Using QR codes in the classroom with BookWidgets - 5 creative lesson ideas
May 19, 2017

QR codes are hot. That’s why BookWidgets decided to do something with them. Yes, since a few weeks, ...

20 amazing smartphone apps for teachers in the classroom
May 17, 2017

Sometimes your classroom lacks technology. You only have one computer or one iPad. You can get far ...

Reusing widget settings using templates
May 14, 2017

Whether you’re writing a book or you’re teaching a class, often you’ll want to create several ...

Mindful education: 5 minutes to a calmer classroom
May 12, 2017

When the sun is shining outside, and your students have to stay inside, they might have the urge to ...

5 tips to improve student learning outcome
May 10, 2017

How do you improve student learning in a world where every teen holds a smartphone? Evaluating ...

How to make biology lessons visual and interactive
May 08, 2017

Many years ago, when I still was a student, biology was not my favourite subject to learn. And this ...

Digital differentiation examples with BookWidgets
May 05, 2017

“The limit is your imagination.” That’s what I like to tell teachers when they ask about the ...

BookWidgets now available for smartphones
May 03, 2017

Finally! You had to wait some time, but we listened. It’s out in the open, it’s ready to use. It’s ...


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