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25+ Chrome extensions and Chrome tips for teachers that will save you time
May 31, 2021

As teachers take on many jobs at a time, I wanted to make sure you can save time on other tasks....

10 Fun digital book creator tools and lesson ideas for students
May 12, 2021

In this blog post, you’ll learn how student authoring tools scaffold students in inquiry-based...

60 Digital exit tickets for teachers - The ultimate exit ticket guide
Apr 30, 2021

There is nothing more annoying than a student who doesn’t understand something at the end of...

10 BookWidgets design tips to spice up your digital lessons
Apr 12, 2021

You already know how to create amazing digital lessons with BookWidgets, I’m sure. But do you...

10 Lesson ideas for teachers to help students with mental health issues
Mar 25, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how everyone works, studies, and performs their day-to-day...

10 easy-to-use educational video templates for your classroom
Mar 12, 2021

Video: a teaching method that isn’t yet used often enough in our classrooms. Most of the time,...

9 Fun lesson ideas when teaching ESL remotely - An ambassador's story
Feb 24, 2021

In our “Ambassador’s story” blog post series, BookWidgets ambassadors from all over the world...

11 ready-to-use lesson ideas for innovative art teachers
Feb 12, 2021

Crazy times ask for crazy lesson ideas. And… when teaching art, you are allowed to. 🤩 In this...

Build the classroom of the future with these 3 key pillars
Jan 29, 2021

For years now, classrooms are changing for the better. Every classroom should enable students to...


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