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Make Word Search Puzzles for your Classroom
Jan 14, 2017

Using games and puzzles in your class is always a hit with the students. Whether you use them as an ...

How to prepare for difficult and confronting conversations. A teacher's guide.
Jan 13, 2017

When you say you are a teacher, people think you are the best talker. Someone who dares to speak ...

10 incredible teacher Instagram accounts you really need to follow
Jan 11, 2017

Instagram for teachers, the world’s largest and most positive teacher’s lounge, filled with ...

How to use a timeline in your lessons.
Jan 08, 2017

What is a timeline? A timeline is a graphical representation of events in a period of time. Most of ...

The psychology of feedback. How to make it meaningful.
Jan 06, 2017

All students seem to care about is grades. But education is evolving. We’re trying to go from a ...

Why these 10 less popular apps rock your Chromebook classroom.
Jan 04, 2017

Teaching is about inspiring, creating geniuses, reaching goals and engaging students to go higher. ...

Top-8 online learning platforms.
Dec 23, 2016

A survey from Deloitte showed us that 75% of the teachers believe that digital learning will ...

9 Amazing tricks to teach your students to memorize.
Dec 21, 2016

“Remember?” Whenever a friend pops the word “remember” I have no problem recalling my childhood ...

Interactive History Lessons
Dec 18, 2016

Confession: I never liked history when I was in school. I was more of a math and sciences guy. Why? ...