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9 surprising ways to use WebQuests in your classroom
Aug 08, 2018

Using WebQuests in your lessons is always fun! For the students, who get to go on a quest and ...

How to become a better teacher - The story of Koen Timmers
Aug 01, 2018

I got the chance to talk to Koen Timmers, who got nominated for best teacher worldwide by Global ...

How to teach students to be real writers - Tips and tools
Jul 25, 2018

Teaching creative writing has always been a difficult task. There are children who love writing and ...

How to use LaTeX to spice up your math lessons - 3 Clever lesson ideas
Jul 11, 2018

Not a math or science teacher? Then I’m sure this could look a little bit (read: a lot) like ...

The ultimate teacher guide to teaching students digital citizenship
Jul 04, 2018

The term digital citizenship has become fairly common in modern-day discourse and is now part of ...

3 Creative lesson ideas with the Apple Schoolwork app
Jun 27, 2018

And it’s out! Apple’s newest tool for teaching: Apple Schoolwork. In this post, I’ll talk about ...

30+ creative things you can do with BookWidgets
Jun 21, 2018

If you know BookWidgets, you definitely know the ocean of possibilities it has. With BookWidgets, ...

How to build the school of the future - An interview with Sjef Drummen
Jun 15, 2018

Burn down your school and don’t build a new one. Don’t build a new school: build a paradise, build ...

20 interactive teaching activities for in the interactive classroom
Jun 13, 2018

Interactive teaching is all about instructing the students in a way they are actively involved with ...


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