Widget Library

Our widget library consists out of 30+ widget types that you can choose from. Customize them with your content in a few clicks, using our powerful - yet simple - widget builder tool.

Click on any of the icons below to learn more about what each widget type can do. Then, try your hand at creating one for yourself for free, or have a look at some widget examples by subject for inspiration.

Exit Slip

Ask your students 2 questions about today's class.

Flash Cards

A classic self study tool, this widget allows authors to add flashcards into their book, containing text as well as pictures.

The possibilities are endless.


Create an intriguing quiz with multiple choice, image dragging, filling in the blanks, ...
Student results get emailed to the teacher upon completion. Or get the results in Excel or your LMS.

Split Whiteboard

This widget splits the screen into two halves: the left side is a drawable area, the right side is a scrollable piece of rich text.

Split Worksheet

A widget with a split screen: on one side a worksheet with multiple question types, on the other a scrollable text.

This is great for reading comprehension exercises/tests.


A timeline exercise for your students.


A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented lesson format.


Add a drawable area into your book.

The freehand drawing can be saved into the book and/or emailed to the teacher.


Create a worksheet with multiple question types and save the results in your book.

This widget is very similar to the Quiz widget, but with a different layout.

Bingo Card

A fun classroom game to e.g. reinforce vocabulary, this widget gives every student a scrambled bingo card.
The teacher reads out the words one by one, until someone yells "Bingo!".


A crossword puzzle, generated from a list of words and descriptions you provide.

A fun way to test your students!


The classic hangman game, where you provide the list of words.

Memory Game

The memory game is not just for toddlers: use it for practicing vocabulary, grammar, history, ...
You can also use images or math expressions to create challenging matching exercises.

Mind Map

Let your students create a mind map about a certain topic, right inside your book.

The resulting mind map is stored inside the book.
Book Widgets makes mindmapping a lot more fun!


Similar to the memory game widget, except here, all cards are visible all the time.
Use this for more challenging puzzles, or for differentiated learning.

Spot The Difference

Spot the difference game with popup labels.

Word Search

Another classic word puzzle.

Just add a list of words, and Book Widgets creates you a search puzzle.


With the Before/After widget, your students can compare two pictures with each other.
Move the slider to reveal more of one or the other picture, or set it to blend the pictures.

Frame Sequence

The Frame Sequence widget is great for showing a sequence of related pictures, for example, illustrating the germination process.

Students can easily move back and forth within the sequence.

Hotspot Image

Present a single image with hotspots on it.
Hotspots can contain text, images, video or a combination thereof. Even small webpages can be in a popup.

Image Carousel

Create your own image slideshow on steroids.

Images can be made clickable on certain spots. Then you can either open another image, with a detail for instance, or map it to the location on Google Maps.

Image Viewer

Great if you want your students to explore a large, high resolution image.
It allows them to pan around and zoom into specific areas.


Teach kids how to play the piano & read notes

Random Images

Guide speaking exercises by presenting students with one or more random images to discuss.
Images can be embedded into the widget, or loaded dynamically from online services like Picasa.


A 3D file viewer, supporting various file formats


Picture tiles with descriptions, audio and video.

Vimeo Player

Liven up the read by adding video elements. Stream HD Vimeo movies from the Internet without leaving your iBook.

YouTube Player

Liven up the read by adding video elements. Stream HD YouTube movies from the Internet without leaving your iBook.

Active Plot

An interactive math plot, for example, enter a formula like "y = a*sin(b*x)".
Students can play around with the parameters and immediately see the effect on the plot, thereby developing an intuition for how the formula "works"


Practice basic arithmetic operations


Readers can fill in numerical data into a table defined by the author and a stacked bar chart will automatically update accordingly.


As an author, you insert a spreadsheet with data and formula's. Some cells can be marked as 'editable', so readers can put in their own numbers and see how that affects the computed cells.

Google Maps

Create your own annotated maps using the Google Maps widget.
All the features you've come to expect from Google Maps work, including street view and annotations.

PDF Viewer

Embed a PDF in your book.

Web Embed

This widget allows you to embed webpages into your book.

Please note that some commercial websites actively prevent embedding as well as forbid it in their terms of use.

Wikipedia Browser

Embed relevant Wikipedia articles in your book to inform your readers even more.

This widget uses the iPad's internet connection to get the latest version from the Wikipedia website.


A simple checklist, useful to provide step-by-step guides or to explain processes.

Clear Storage

Clears all student answers stored in the book, e.g. to pass the iPad to a different student.


A simple, yet flexible planner


Quickly put together survey or other data capture forms, to embed in ebooks or use stand-alone.
Many question types to choose from, including multiple choice, text and likert scale questions.