Our story

We believe improving education is the biggest lever to improve our world, and that the best education is targeted at each student’s personal abilities.

By pairing passionate teachers with technology, the potential of every learner can be maximized. Technology is changing education for the better - and it’s happening now.

Our mission is to make world-class, personalized education a reality for anyone, anywhere.

We are grateful and proud to be supported by:

iMinds, Flanders' digital research center and business incubator

Flanders’ digital research center and business incubator

Start it @ kbc, the largest start-up community in Belgium

The largest start-up community in Belgium

LRM, leading Belgian investment company

Leading Belgian investment company

Our team

Bart Buckinx Managing Partner & Head of Sales

Bart joined BookWidgets as a partner in 2013, and is responsible for the world wide sales and business development.

Xavier Van Elsacker Co-Founder

Among the zillion things which get done by every member of a small startup team, Xavier’s main focus is creating and enhancing the widgets.

Remko Tronçon Partner

Remko built up many years of experience working on research software for his Ph.D., leading popular open source software projects and architecting large scale commercial applications for companies. At BookWidgets, he works on everything related to creating and improving widgets.

Lucie Renard Marketeer Extraordinaire

Lucie studied communications so she could use her creativity and writing ideas in her future job. But that wasn’t enough: she immediately went on to become a teacher as well, wanting to inspire students, and become “that cool Ms. Lucie”.

In the search for a job she came across BookWidgets. Helping teachers create interactive lessons? Alright! Blogging, social media and marketing? Alright!

Meet our Educational Advisory Panel

We regularly consult members of our Educational Advisory Panel to discuss the needs of teachers in the trenches. These experts inspire us to create exercises that are varied, engaging and instructional. Together, we can ensure that BookWidgets is the most effective, easy and efficient way of teaching with the iPad.

Kurt Klynen Mobile Learning Specialist at ICT Atelier

Kurt is a mobile learning specialist and founder of ICT Atelier. ICT Atelier educates teachers on how to make effective use of new media in the classroom.

Wouter Hustinx Member of Staff and Researcher at PXL University College

Wouter specializes in ICT integration in education. He consults on vision development, coaches schools & teachers and conducts research on mobile learning.

Sven De Cleyn Researcher & Lecturer at University of Antwerp

Sven is a researcher & lecturer at the University of Antwerp, specializing in high-tech entrepreneurship. He brings a unique blend of practical teaching experience as well as business smarts to the Board.

Where to reach us

We’d love to hear from you: info@bookwidgets.com

Mailing Address

Leuvensesteenweg 142
3070 Kortenberg