10+ Fun Digital Last Day of School Activities to Finish the Year in Style

That’s another school year almost in the books. Isn’t it incredible how fast time flies? In this blog post, we provide 10+ ready-to-use digital lesson activities for your last lessons of the school year, making them both meaningful and enjoyable.

All these digital last day of school activities are free to use and created with BookWidgets. You can find these ready-to-use lesson plans in this group. You can create a free BookWidgets account (if you don’t have one already) and copy the widgets to your account, which will allow you to make some changes where necessary and receive your students’ answers in your account.

Are you ready to end the school year with a bang? With one of the activities below, no doubt!

1. Short films

Students and teachers love good short films! We previously published two blog posts with a selection of short films and ready-to-use lesson plans, and they are being used massively in classrooms worldwide. Check out the previous blog posts to find some great short films for the last day of the school year:

🔗 The short films and lesson activities from both blog posts are available in this group.

With the summer break coming up, we’ve developed an extra short film lesson activity 🙌 If you want to dream about summer already, the short film “Sweet Summer” is a must-see. It’s a “collection of all the little things that make Summer and bring joy to our lives.” The ready-made lesson activity we developed is perfect for English Language Learners since they will learn a lot of vocabulary and typical expressions about summer and vacations.

End of school year lesson activity - Short film

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2. Summer planner

Unleash the excitement of summer with our interactive digital summer planner! Students can plan their summer break with activities like games, creative activities, geocaching, and more. This engaging planner helps students envision and organize a memorable summer, ensuring they start their break with enthusiasm and clarity.

Ask your students to present their Planners. For ELLs, this is a good exercise when students are learning to express activities in the future.

End of school year lesson activity - Summer planner for students

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3. Randomness game to reflect on the past year

Encourage thoughtful reflection with our engaging randomness widget! Students answer fun, random questions about their past school year, sparking memories and insights. Questions include:

  • What was the most fun moment of the year?
  • Which classmate impressed you positively?
  • What new skill did you learn?
  • How did you overcome a challenge?

Students gain a sense of accomplishment and growth by reflecting on their favorite projects, subjects, and achievements. This activity promotes self-awareness, a core competency of social-emotional learning (SEL). It also generates a positive end to the school year, celebrating the students’ journey and preparing them for future adventures.

End of school year lesson activity - Randomness game

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🗣️ This activity is also available in Spanish 🇪🇸, French 🇫🇷, and Dutch 🇳🇱

4. Pair matching and Memory games

The Pair matching and Memory games are simple activities to set up, but the possibilities are endless. In the example below, students practice vocabulary on the topic of “summer break.” After finding the pairs, you can ask them to make a sentence with each word. Or you can completely personalize the memory game, e.g., with the pictures or names of your students and a quote or memorable moment from each student, as a retrospective of the past school year.

End of school year lesson activity - Memory game

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5. Summer emoji game

In this interactive quiz, students get to see 11 emojis showing activities they can do in the summer. They have to select the appropriate emoji (😍 - 😂 - 😐 - 🥱 - 🤢 - 🤓 - 🥳 - 😓), to indicate if they would like to do a specific activity or not.

There are no right or wrong answers; the questions are personal. When students are done, they can discuss their choices with classmates. The great thing about this activity is that it can be done in any language. For example, If you are a Spanish, German, or French language teacher, this is also a perfect game for the last lesson of the school year.

End of school year lesson activity - Emoji game

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For more lesson activities with emojis, check out this previous blog post.

6. Exit tickets

Exit tickets, typically used to gauge student understanding at the end of a lesson, can be adapted for end-of-year reflection and feedback. At the year’s end, teachers can distribute exit tickets asking students to reflect on their most memorable learning experiences, challenges they overcame, and skills they developed. Questions might include, “What was your favorite lesson and why?” or “How could the teaching methods be improved?” This approach provides valuable insights into students’ perceptions of the year, highlights effective teaching strategies, and identifies areas for improvement for the teacher. It also encourages students to think critically about their growth and experiences over the year.

End of school year lesson activity - Exit tickets

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🗣️ This activity is also available in French 🇫🇷, and Dutch 🇳🇱

Discover more examples of Exit tickets in this blog post.

7. Board games

Board games and their digital counterparts offer an engaging and educational way to wrap up the school year. These games promote critical thinking, teamwork, and strategic planning, making them perfect for a fun yet productive final lesson. Digital versions of classic board games are easily accessible, and you can customize them by putting in questions about the subject matter, for example.

Below you see a digital version of the famous Monopoly game (created by Robin Ramaekers), which by duplicating it you can completely customize it according to your students’ abilities.

End of school year lesson activity - Board games

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Did you know that you can also create digital versions of other well-known games such as Cluedo, Guess who?, Trivial Pursuit and the Game of the Goose with BookWidgets? Discover examples and instructions in these blog posts:

8. Escape the classroom

(Digital) escape the classroom games, also known as break-out lessons or Eduscapes, are an exciting way to end the school year on a high note. These interactive games challenge students to solve puzzles and riddles to “escape” a (virtual) scenario, fostering critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. With a variety of themes and difficulty levels available, Eduscapes can be tailored to different age groups and subjects.

By integrating digital escape games into the last lesson, teachers create an engaging and memorable experience that encourages teamwork and reinforces key concepts, a perfect way to make the last class of the year unforgettable.

Below is an example of an online escape room, and you’ll find more examples and tips for creating your own online eduscape in this previous blog post.

End of school year lesson activity - Escape the classroom

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9. Year in review with a Timeline

An interactive timeline is another fantastic digital activity to close out the school year. By reflecting on the highlights of the year, students can fill in memorable events for each month and even add pictures. This interactive task not only helps students celebrate their achievements and favorite moments but also encourages them to engage in a creative review of their experiences. To learn more about using interactive timelines in your lessons, check out this blog post.

End of school year lesson activity - Year in review with a Timeline

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10. Virtual field trips

A field trip is another great way to end the school year, but you may not have the time or budget to organize it. A virtual field trip can be an excellent alternative. These digital adventures can take students to museums, historical sites, national parks, and even outer space, providing immersive learning experiences that transcend traditional textbooks. Virtual field trips spark curiosity, enhance cultural awareness, and bring real-world connections to the curriculum. By integrating this activity into the last lesson, teachers can create an unforgettable educational experience that broadens students’ horizons and leaves them with a sense of wonder and excitement for learning.

Below is an example of a virtual Field Trip to Paris for French Language Learners. To find more virtual field trip ideas, check out this blog post.

End of school year lesson activity - Virtual field trip Paris

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11. Year in review with photos

A creative and reflective activity for the last day of school is asking students to choose one photo that encapsulates their entire school year. Whether it’s a personal snapshot, a scene from a movie or series, or a custom-designed image using AI tools like DALL-E, Midjourney, or Copilot, this exercise encourages students to think deeply about their experiences.

After selecting their image, students can share and explain their choice in a one-minute oral presentation, describing why this photo represents their year. Another option is for the teacher to display the submitted photos on the digital board to the class, and students must guess which of their classmates submitted each photo.

End of school year lesson activity - Year in review with photos

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🗣️ This activity is also available in French 🇫🇷, and Dutch 🇳🇱

12. Bingo reflection activity

Use this Bingo Reflection Activity on the last day of school to help students reflect on their year in a fun, engaging way. Each student receives a digital bingo card with reflection questions. Your students sit together in groups of 3 and read go over the questions. The fellow group members answer them and tick them off their Bingo sheet when handled. The first group to complete the bingo sheet shouts “Bingo!” and shares their reflections with the class. This activity fosters thoughtful reflection, encourages sharing, and celebrates students’ growth and achievements.

End of school year bingo activity

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13. Bedtime story!

For the last hour of the last day of the school year, it’s time to read a bedtime story! It’s a fun way to end the school year like many of your students used to end their day when they were small. There are three more advantages to this activity: 1. it practices their comprehensive reading skills, 2. creates a cozy classroom atmosphere, and 3. it introduces students to Naratopia, an amazing bedtime story website with the best stories for each age level.

Combine the website Naratopia in a Split Worksheet widget to gauge understanding.

End of school year bedtime story activity

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14. Photographer

Here’s another picture activity for younger students. They need to take and insert 6 images in the devoted areas to this whiteboard widget. The instructions give them some guidance to what needs to be on their photographs. End of school year photographer activity

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15. AI Classroom theme song!

This last day of school activity for older students is a banger! This worksheet activity encourages your students to write a classroom theme song using AI tools. End of school year classroom theme song activity

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Wrap up

I hope this blog post has given you some inspiring ideas to make the last day of school fun and memorable for your students. Ending the school year with engaging activities ensures students leave with a sense of accomplishment and joy, making the last day of school both meaningful and enjoyable.

Have you tried any of these activities and want to share your experiences? Or do you have any other fun lessons of your own to end the school year? Be sure to share them in our Facebook group.

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From all of us at the BookWidgets team, we want to thank you for your dedication and creativity throughout the school year. We wish you and your students a wonderful and restful summer break. We’ll be back with more inspirational blog posts starting from mid-August, ready to help you kick off the new school year with fresh and exciting activities.

Enjoy your summer!

Dimitri Bongers

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