BookWidgets & 2018 - The year in review

As many a bottle will soon be popped, and kiss will soon be given, we’d like to first take a moment and quickly look back at what happened in 2018 at BookWidgets. We made a short infographic below to show you what a year 2018 was for us.

As always, we at BookWidgets have been hard at work trying to give you the best teacher tool you can use in your classroom. Thanks to teachers continuously giving feedback and asking us for BookWidgets enhancements and improvements, we have been able to deliver an educational tool that keeps moving forward. On top of that, we also hope we inspired you with a new blog post every week, and with our fun, educational videos on our YouTube Channel.

We’re proud that BookWidgets is now a Google For Education Partner, and that our Google Classroom integration is being used by so many teachers.

Thanks to all teachers that stood by BookWidgets in 2018. We hope you keep following us in our journey to become a real education changer, and help us make world-class, personalized education a reality for everyone, anywhere.

Here’s to a Happy New Year, whatever challenges and opportunities it may bring!

BookWidgets in 2018

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