The Jigsaw Puzzle Widget: Make your own puzzles in 1 simple step

Because of the high demand, we created a widget for one of the most classic games out there: the jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles are not only exciting to put together, they also trigger reasoning, analyzing, and problem solving, making them a fun way to learn and develop basic skills.

The Jigsaw widget doesn’t need much explanation: you put in an image and the number of pieces you want your puzzle to have, and out comes a jigsaw puzzle. You can create your own puzzles for typical scenes, animals, plants, …, which are fun for kids to put together and talk about what they’re seeing in the picture. For example, you can create a jigsaw puzzle of a kid’s bedroom:

If you want to provide extra help for solving the puzzle, you can (optionally) put a button in the top right that shows the entire picture in the background.

You can vary the difficulty of the puzzle by changing the number of pieces, removing the hint button, and of course by using more difficult pictures. This means you can make jigsaw puzzles that are interesting for a wide range of ages, such as this geography puzzle:

You can even make jigsaw puzzles for your history classes:

Because there’s so little to it, the Jigsaw puzzle allows you to quickly create your own entertaining way to teach basic skills and visual intuition about just about any topic.

Remko Tronçon

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