Take Schoology to the next level by adding interactive exercises with BookWidgets

To manage a classroom and students, you need a good learning management system. There are many, but we have a treat for those using Schoology.

Creating and submitting assignments are one of the most important necessities of a good learning management system, as well as performing assessments. Luckily, Schoology has an easy way to send exercises to students and to grade them.

But that’s just an ordinary exercise or link. To create such exercises, teachers have to switch accounts, upload files and more. There’s a quicker and more fun way…

Simple: use BookWidgets 👍

With BookWidgets, you can make interactive exercises right inside Schoology, without switching between other platforms. Choose between more than 40 interactive template exercises and create automatically graded tests, quizzes and assignments.

BookWidgets can be used to engage students as well for differentiation, grading, flipped learning, gamification and microlearning.

Let me tell you how it works! If don’t feel like reading, just skip the text and watch the short video tutorial.

1. Adding a BookWidgets exercise to Schoology

After your administrator installed the BookWidgets app in Schoology, you can easily add a widget or exercises to Schoology. In only 5 steps, you have the interactive exercise you were looking for.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log in to Schoology.
  2. Go to the right course in which you want to share an exercise.
  3. Click on “add materials” and choose for “BookWidgets” in the right column.
  4. Create a new BookWidgets “widget” or exercise.
  5. Click “done”.

What now?

There’s more to just sharing an assingment. When students finished making it, you can easily give feedback and it gets automatically graded.

For the automatically grading to happen, you have to do one more thing:

  1. Click on the option wheel next to the exercises you just shared and click on “edit”. Now enable grading. Choose for the category “Homework”.

Adding a widget

2. Students finishing a BookWidgets exercises in Schoology

So where can students find your shared new exercise? Easy:

  1. Students log in to Schoology.
  2. Students go to the right course and click on the new BookWidgets exercise you’ve just shared.
  3. Students make the exercise and submit their answers.

Completing a widget

That’s it! Now, their answers are immediately sent to the BookWidgets results in Schoology. Let’s take a look where to find your students' work and how to give feedback and grade it.

3. Reviewing student answers and giving feedback in Schoology

So, this is pretty easy as well. Just follow the next steps and you’ll get a hold of it quite fast.

  1. Go to the right course again.
  2. Click on “BookWidgets” in the left column beneath “course options”.
  3. Look for the name/title of your shared exercise beneath “Student work & exit slips”. Click on it.
  4. Click on the name of the student whose work you want to review beneath “Answers”.
  5. You can now see the student’s answers. Click on the pen on top of the worksheet to give feedback or change grades if necessary. Click again (on the cloud in the middle" to save your changes.
  6. Click on the icon on the right of the pen to send the results to Schoology. Don’t forget to click on “send”.
  7. Go to Schoology’s gradebook. You’ll see that the BookWidgets results are now synced with Schoology’s gradebook.

How cool is that! 😎

BookWidgets and schoology


To be able to add BookWidgets exercises to Schoology, your Schoology administrator has to add BookWidgets to Schoology first. It takes no time to install BookWidgets, but your administrator will need some credentials. Just ask BookWidgets for more information and credentials here.

BookWidgets and Schoology tutorial

Let’s see how you add a BookWidgets exercise to Schoology for real now:

BookWidgets & Schoology

Lucie Renard

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