10 fabulous Pinterest teacher boards to follow

Pinterest, probably the largest virtual teacher gathering. Ideas, inspiration and amazing teacher resources. Just. Pinterest.

I took the time to investigate Pinterest - that’s why I love my job - and made a list of 10 Pinterest accounts and boards any teacher should follow.

Ready for the inspiration bomb? Here we go!

Get ideas on these Pinterest accounts for teachers

1. Teachers on Pinterest

This is the number one teacher account you should follow. No kidding. You can find everything here.

The account is divided into 32 boards. The boards concern topics per grade level, course or education themes like “classroom decor” or “mobile learning”.

For fun science projects, you should take a look at their “science” board.

Magnetic slime

Frugal fun for boys and girls

2. Edutopia on Pinterest

Edutopia gives any teacher inspiration and information about what works in education. Here are some boards on their account you can follow: “resources and downloads”, “students like tech”, “bullying prevention”, “digital citizenship” and much more!



3. Teacher Outfits

Yes, I’m serious. Teacher outfits. Don’t know what to wear for class or what’s (in)appropriate? Take a look at this page and get some teacher fashion ideas!

Someone should really open a store just for teacher clothes! Or you can combine your clothes like the lady on the picture below.

Teacher outfits

Putting me together

Tip: you can easily click on “boards” and follow the teacher outfit boards you like.

4. Schoolgirl style

Melanie is the creator of the popular teaching blog “Schoolgirl Style”. She inspires teachers with her beautiful designs and stylish classroom decors. It’s amazing how many great ideas she has!

superhero classroom theme

Superhero theme - Schoolgirl style

5. Classroom management

When you have some classroom management issues, you might take a look at this board. 27 Teachers collaborate to give you the best advice on classroom management.

You can also take a look at these two blog post about reward systems and punishment mistakes. I’m sure their help will you to get a hold on your classroom.

acts of kindness

Amanda Poole

6. Donna Staten

Get crafty with your students, just like Donna. She shows you some art projects and gives you wonderful ideas. I must say, I want to get crafty already. You should definitely take a look at the boards “art recipes”, “ArtEd- Classroom Decor & Organization” and “artED-Printables”.

art ideas

Matt Smith

7. BookWidgets

BookWidgets’ Pinterest account focusses mostly on educational technology. They show you how to integrate technology in some specific classes and give you tips on how you can use BookWidgets and edtech to create an interactive classroom.

teaching languages


8. Allison @ No Time For Flash Cards

This Pinterest account focusses on pretty much everything, but there is one thing that pops out: ideas for teaching reading and writing. Take a look at this board: “Reading and writing readiness”. Allison pins lessons, crafts and random teaching things that are worth pinning.

She’s also the author of Raising A Rock-Star Reader.

teaching to rhyme

Allison @ No Time For Flash Cards

9. Teacher humor

Students might think otherwise, but teachers laugh as well. I can’t count every “teacher humor” board on Pinterest. There are so many! This means you can laugh with your teacher problems and issues until your cheeks get sore.

Teaching humor

BuzzFeed Mexico

10. Laura Candler

Need some teaching resources for your classroom? Well, you’re at the right place. Laura Candler is the creator of the Teaching Resources website. She loves to share and collaborate with other educators. Don’t ask me to choose my favorite boards. I’m loving all of them!

math resources

Laura Candler on TpT

I hope you got inspired by these super creative Pinterest accounts for teachers. Now you only have one problem: where do you start?

Lucie Renard

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