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PairMatching Widget

The “PairMatching” Widget

Similar to the memory game widget, except here, all cards are visible all the time.
Use this for more challenging puzzles, or for differentiated learning.

Use BookWidgets to create your own PairMatching widget (or many other widgets) in minutes, and use it in your multi-touch books, or share it directly with your classroom. See how it works »


Here are some examples of PairMatching widgets that can be created with BookWidgets. These widgets are of course not fixed, but can serve as inspiration for creating your own PairMatching widgets with your own content.

Matching Expressions


Match pairs of different expressions that yield the same result.

Area Pairs


Compute the area of various geometrical figures, and match them up with the results.

Math Pairs


Pair up various mathematical expressions with a corresponding expression, result, or drawing.

European Capitals


Pair up European capitals with their landmarks.


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