The best QR code classroom activities - Infographic

QR codes are an easy way to share any content with your students. You can hide videos, links, images and text behind it.

QR codes work in mysterious ways. Students like using their tablets or smartphones and they may use it when you include QR codes in the classroom. Besides the eagerness to use technology, students also want to find out what’s behind the QR code. It makes them curious and more engaged. That’s why I came up with some fun QR code activities for in the classroom. These are QR code actvities for elemantary school and for highschool. You create the content, I give you and idea.

I hope you have a QR code scanner with you, because you’ll have to use it in this post. Scan the QR codes under the titles in the infographic and find out how you can use these lesson ideas with QR codes in your classroom.

Tip: you may want to download a good QR code scanner first.

Download the free BookWidgets iPad/ Smartphone app to scan the first 9 QR codes on the infographic. You can open them with an ordinary QR code scanner, but everything will fall better in place with the app from BookWidgets. Once you downloaded the app, click on “Add short code” to scan the QR code.

10 QR Code Lesson ideas for in the classroom

Lesson ideas with QR codes

Lucie Renard

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