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How to motivate students to enjoy learning - Part 4
Jun 28, 2017

I have been busy the past few months, but I didn’t forget about the series. So here I am with a new ...

The best QR code classroom activities - Infographic
Jun 23, 2017

QR codes are an easy way to share any content with your students. You can hide videos, links, ...

What is project-based learning? 15 PBL ideas fit for your classroom
Jun 22, 2017

PBL, a term you’ve probably seen a few times as a teacher. But what does it actually mean? And how ...

The t-MAIL project: using mobile learning for continuing professional development
Jun 18, 2017

Where most of us agree it’s important to keep our skills and knowledge up to date, it’s often a ...

10 amazing ways to use emojis in the classroom
Jun 16, 2017

Learning new and difficult things can be boring. No one will contradict that. You’ve had your time ...

Top 10 inspiring podcasts for teachers
Jun 14, 2017

For teachers who like images, there’s Pinterest and Instagram. For teachers who like reading, there ...

How to create memory games and pair matching exercises
Jun 11, 2017

Click to open I know, … but this one is for my daughter. We both have so much fun googling happy ...

How to encourage a growth mindset in the classroom
Jun 09, 2017

Our mind can go two ways. Either it thinks it can do better, or it thinks you are doomed. That’s ...

10 fun lesson ideas with fidget spinners
Jun 07, 2017

Fidget spinners. Urgh. Again another post about fidgets spinners. You’re right. The new trend is a ...


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