20 Free and Fun Easter Activities for Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle School

For many children, an extraordinary time of the year is around the corner. Every child looks forward to spending time with the family and celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Packed with traditions and sweet treats, Easter can inspire various classroom activities and games. Discover ready-to-use Easter activities for elementary school and challenging Easter activities for middle school and set off to Easter Break, making your students almost miss being in class.

For quick navigation, click on the headings below to navigate to the grade level you want to use with your students. I have divided this blog post into three categories: Easter kindergarten activities, Easter elementary school activities, and Easter middle school activities. However, I remembered you, high school teachers. You will see that many of the Easter activities for middle school can also be used with high school students, and if you need to, you can easily adapt to their difficulty level.

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Many Easter lesson plans listed here were created with BookWidgets. They can be duplicated and are ready to use in your classroom, for free by making a copy of the activities in your BookWidgets account or by navigating the Easter Group Folder. New to BookWidgets? BookWidgets is a content creation and evaluation tool for teachers. With BookWidgets, teachers can create endless interactive activities and auto-graded assignments using 40 unique activity types and 35 different question types.** If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give it a try yourself and create your first digital Easter activity**.

The other fun Easter activities I brought to you today that weren’t created with BookWidgets will be linked so you can easily access them as well.

Since this is an exceptional holiday, as a bonus, I’ve added an awesome Easter game that will blow your mind.🤯

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Kindergarten Easter Activities🐣

1. Easter Quiz

For the little ones, we’ve created an awesome Easter quiz with which they can practice their numbers. This quiz offers four different activities: Ordering the sequence from egg to chick Recognizing numbers Matching pictures with other pictures Matching pictures with audio This is a super fun, pretty Easter quiz for kindergarten kids.

Quiz - easter classroom activity

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2. Easter Jigsaw puzzles

This engaging planner widget includes four Easter-themed jigsaw puzzles varying in difficulty levels, which is ideal for tailoring your kindergarten curriculum. Students begin with two simple puzzles, marking them off upon completion, then advance to two more challenging puzzles by clicking the “+” icon. This fantastic kindergarten planner activity was designed by Virginie Lauwers. Thank you, Virginie.

puzzles- easter classroom activity

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3. Easter storytelling

Boost your students’ imaginations by giving them this fun randomness wheel Easter storytelling activity. Students take turns spinning the wheel and have to describe the pictures, creating an Easter-themed story together. Depending on your class size, you can set this up as an oral collaborative storytelling activity.

planner - easter classroom activity

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Elementary School Easter Activities🐥

4. Easter Crossword Puzzle

This classic is a fun warm-up activity for your Easter lesson plan and can be adapted for all grades. Creating this Easter crossword puzzle is extremely fast, and kids love it.

Crossword - easter classroom activity

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5. DIY Easter Egg Dye

Easter is an excellent opportunity to get students’ hands dirty in class or as a homework project. I’ve adapted this DIY Easter Egg Dye activity from this website and created a digital checklist so students can have more independence doing this fun Easter crafts activity. An adult should oversee this since it includes boiling water with the ingredients.

DIY Egg Dye - easter classroom activity

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6. Twist eggs to get words

Arrange multiple letters vertically on one side of a plastic egg. On the other half, write a common ending. Students can create various words by simply rotating or flipping the egg halves. Depending on your students’ literacy level, you can write two-syllable words, keeping the same last syllable and changing the first.

twist eggs

A delicious variation of this activity is using BookWidget’s randomness tool and little chocolate eggs. Students have to take turns spinning the wheel. The word they get should be written on the packaging of little chocolate eggs you had previously hidden around the classroom. Students have to search for the egg with the corresponding word and gather it inside a basket. Some words will appear several times, in which case, turn the wheel again. In the end, each student should have one chocolate egg, which can then be eaten.

twist eggs-easter

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7. Spot the difference - Easter Edition

Test your students’ analytical skills by giving them this fun Easter spot-the-difference activity. Students see on their screens two almost identical images (in this case, the theme is Easter) with only a couple of differences. Students click on the spots on the pictures where they identify discrepancies. Automatically, they will see a red X or a green circle, indicating if they got it right or not. You could see this activity as a digital alternative to a traditional egg hunt!

easter spot the difference

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8. Easter-themed crafts

Your students will be excited to follow this video tutorial, which teaches them how to make adorable paper Easter bunnies easily.

easter spot the difference

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9. Easter Memory Game

This fun Easter activity for elementary school students is straightforward to create. Using the BookWidgets Memory Game widget, you have the option of creating different types of pairs: image-image, text-text, image-audio, image-text and text-audio.

This gives you much flexibility, and you can adapt it to your needs. In the widget below, students should match words with images related to Easter. This Easter Memory Game is a fun way to introduce the topic of Easter and activate what students already know about it before exploring it further.

Memory game-easter

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10. Easter Pair Matching game

Like a memory game, this Easter pair-matching activity involves pairs that students must match. The difference here is that the cards are displayed rather than hidden. This works better for younger learners if you focus on teaching vocabulary and do not add that extra difficulty level by testing their memory skills. Just like with the memory game, you have a lot of flexibility regarding what you want students to pair.

Pair Matching-Easter

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11. Easter Arithmetic Color by Number

Color-by-number activities are always a fun way to follow up on basic arithmetic. There are plenty of easter-themed coloring page templates online that you can print and bring to class, but it costs time and money to print or copy worksheets for all your students. I have created this Easter math activity with BookWidgets since instead of printing or copying worksheets, I just needed to upload the digital color-by-number worksheet inside BookWidget’s Whiteboard widget, and voilá: In one minute, I have this ready to use. The image I created for this widget was taken from this website.

Color by number-easter

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12. Easter Jigsaw Puzzle

Naturally, I couldn’t move on to the next category without sharing one of the students’ favorite activities: an Easter jigsaw puzzle. I’m sure you will find plenty of printables online with amazing illustrations that you can print on expensive hard printing paper and cut out. You will probably have to do this several times to give one jigsaw puzzle to each of your students. If only there were a faster, easier, cheaper way to create a fantastic Easter jigsaw puzzle.

With BookWidgets, you can create a beautiful Easter jigsaw puzzle in just a few minutes. Search online for the picture you want or upload your own. You decide how many pieces you want the puzzle to have. Flexible, free, time-saving, and environmentally friendly—just perfect.

jigsaw puzzle- easter

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Middle School Easter Activities 🐰

As mentioned, the activities below can easily be adapted to higher (and some lower) grade levels so students of all ages can use there easter-themed exercises.

13. Easter Bingo Storytelling

This Easter Bingo activity combines the popular bingo game with storytelling. Read out loud an Easter story. Students must carefully listen and mark Easter-related keywords on their (digital) bingo cards. This is much more fun than simply calling out the words and gives you much flexibility. For the tale or story, you can use your favorite part of an Easter book or write your own story.

If you think writing an Easter story can be time-consuming, you are right—unless you use artificial intelligence. In one minute, ChatGPT generated this short Easter story with Easter-related words I’ve prompted, also indicating what grade this was for. You can add more prompts to make the story more eventful or fun. This is also a great ESL Easter activity that can be used to review Easter vocabulary.

Bingo - Easter

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14. Reading comprehension

Learning about Easter traditions’ origins can become a good reading exercise. This split worksheet has text about some of the most common Easter traditions and exercises for reading comprehension on one side. You can use this exercise to inform students about other Easter-related things, such as the History of Easter and how Easter is celebrated in different countries, or bring a fictional Easter story or tale.

Reading comprehension - Easter

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15. Virtual Egg Hunt

How about setting up a virtual egg hunt?

Cadbury, a British chocolate company, has partnered with Google Earth again to create a virtual Easter egg hunt. Participants can hide and search for virtual eggs on a worldwide Easter egg hunt website. You choose a hiding spot, write a clue, and send it to your students. They have to decipher the clue to find the virtual egg. You can only hide one egg at a time and send the corresponding clue to one person, but you can repeat the process as many times as you like, and it’s free.

With Google Earth, you can reach very specific locations. Why not choose the surroundings of your school and place real little chocolate eggs around it to make this egg hunt hybrid? Once your students get where they should look for the eggs, have them run free and search for them. They will sure love this Easter egg hunt!

Virtual egg hunt - easter

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16. Egg Box Investigation

This online Easter maths activity encourages your students’ spatial skills and logical thinking. Students must virtually put several eggs inside an egg box and photograph the different arrangements. There are five difficulty levels varying the number of eggs and the slots in the box.

twist eggs-easter

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17. Easter History Video-Quiz

Bring a nice change of pace to your class by, after brainstorming what your students know about the history of Easter, giving them this excellent history of Easter video quiz. The video should be brief; you can easily edit the questions to fit your needs better. I chose the video by the History Channel, but you can use another YouTube video or upload your own.

Video Quiz- easter

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18. Jelly Beans Math

On this website, I found other interesting Easter activities that combine maths with jelly beans. There are several ways to work with that, and the colorful candies leave much room for creativity. Here are some ideas for Easter math activities with hardly any preparation time:

Distribute bags of jelly beans to each student and guide them through engaging math activities:

A-Estimation Exercise: Prompt students to estimate the total number of jelly beans in their bag and the quantity of each color. After counting the beans, discuss how accurate their estimations were.

B-Sorting Challenge: Instruct students to categorize the jelly beans by color and determine the quantity of each color present.

C-Graphing Adventure: Encourage students to create a graph illustrating the distribution of jelly bean colors in their bags. Remind them to include a descriptive title, label the axes, and establish a suitable scale.

D-Pattern Exploration: Demonstrate how to form various patterns (e.g., ABA, ABC, ABBA) using the jelly beans. Encourage students to challenge their peers to continue the patterns.

jelly beans math - easter

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19. Easter WebQuest

This fun Easter Web Quest/ Easter Escape Room has a tragic story as a background: The Easter Bunny got hurt and cannot deliver the Easter eggs. Therefore, it needs a substitute, and it’s the students’ task to find one, working through some fun digital Easter activities to do that.

Again, you can copy this webquest to your account and edit it, combining more Easter activities as you see fit. Most of the activities on this webquest can also be given to elementary students.

Webquest- easter

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Bonus Easter Activity 🐇

20. Easter Board Game

Lastly, we’ve created an incredible digital Easter board game for students of any level. Here, you will find a digital game board. This game aims to help the Easter Bunny find the Eater eggs. You will find battle cards on the right side of the board beside the digital die and the “choose your pawn” button. Students must draw a battle card when they land on specific houses on the board. Each card will bring a fun activity or challenge before students move on with the game. Divide your class into groups of four or five students, give each group a tablet, and let the fun begin! Have some chocolate eggs ready as a prize for those who win.

boardgame- easter

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Special thanks to our former communications intern, Maude Moors, for the Easter drawings and the work she put into this game! All the separate activities and tools created for this board game you can find in this folder.

Wrap Up🍫

Easter is a great excuse to bring new ideas and fun to your classroom. Combine maths, history, geography, STEAM, or language lessons with fun activities and games, and your students will look forward to returning to class after Easter Break.

Which of these ideas is your favorite? As I mentioned before, in this folder, you will find all the activities we’ve created with BookWidgets for this blog post. You can copy them into your BookWidgets account, and creating one, in case you don’t have one, is free and a very simple process.

Do you have any other awesome Easter classroom activities to share? We’d love to hear them.

Let us know on Twitter - @ibookwidgets. You can always connect with me on LinkedIn and say “Hi .“Join our Facebook community to share your fun, creative Easter BookWidgets activities with other teachers.

Happy Easter and a fabulous Easter Break 🐇🌷🐥🍫🥚

Julia Barreiro

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