40 Digital, Fun, and Interactive Lesson Activities for Kindergarten

Are you on the lookout for engaging and interactive lesson activities for kindergarten students and younger learners? Then, you’re at the right spot. In this comprehensive guide, I’ve curated 40 digital and interactive lesson plans tailored specifically for kindergarteners. With the digital landscape rapidly evolving, it’s essential to integrate technology into educational practices, ensuring a dynamic learning experience. These activities are designed to captivate young minds while fostering crucial developmental skills. Join us on this educational journey as we explore the limitless possibilities of technology-enhanced kindergarten lesson plans. Let’s empower our young learners to thrive in an increasingly digital world!

In this blog post, I will share digital learning activities for young children, like engaging games, worksheets, and crafts for various kindergarten classroom categories:

💡 Before we begin: All the activities are made with BookWidgets. You can use them for free or design new, fun kindergarten lesson ideas yourself. Click this group link, log into your BookWidgetsaccount (or create one), and you’ll find all the activities listed in the group. After duplicating, you can make changes to the activity, customizing it for your students.

If you are new to BookWidgets, BookWidgets is a content creation and evaluation tool for all teachers (kindergarten, elementary, high school, adult education,…). You can use it to create your own digital content or activities for young learners. We provide the tools to support your students’ learning process from beginning to end with customizable templates (aka widgets) for creating activities and a reporting dashboard to track your students’ progress. When you share these preschool activities from your BookWidgets account, you can share through a link, QR codes, or shortcodes.

Digital counting activities for kindergarten

Digital counting and math activities for kindergarten

In preschool, young learners already get in touch with the basics of mathematics and counting. I’m sharing fun 4 activities for early childhood education students to complete. This can be in a 1-to-1 classroom setup, as well as in a 1-to-many setup. In both cases, the teacher has an important role in explaining the activities.

1. Counting until 10 with our hands

The first stage of counting to ten always happens with our fingers! This pair-matching activity is just that. Let your students pick a hand card and let them discover the number by counting it on their own hands. Now, they need to connect the hand card with the right number card.

Counting until 10 - kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: Add text-to-speech so the numbers can be read out loud. This way, your students can recognize the numbers and also know how they sound. When you’re doing this classically, the teacher can just read them out loud and ask the students to name a number they see or repeat the number.

2. Count the animals

“How many animals do you see?” This is probably the question every teacher asks their early childhood students. I created a fun, auto-graded activity in which your preschoolers need to count the animals and write down the number.

Count the animals - Kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: Use a worksheet widget and choose the “Annotate Picture” question to create fun counting worksheets that are automatically graded! You can find many fun visuals like the one I used on Canva.

3. Counting to 10

This activity has the same principle but is a bit easier. Your kindergarten students don’t need to write down the number as it’s already given. They need to drag and drop the number in the right box.

Counting to 10 - Kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: Choose a worksheet widget and pick the “Picture Drag and Drop” question. This is an advanced use of this question type. Here’s a video tutorial on how to get this BookWidgets question type as you see it.

4. What makes 10?

This is one of the first arithmetic activities for preschoolers. They can use their hands to count and find the matching pairs. Which two numbers make 10?

What makes 10 - Kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: Add audio instructions when you’re not around so your students still know what to do, or you can organize some corner work with different counting activities. With these math and counting activities, you can already create multiple areas for cornerwork!

5. Paint by numbers

Use a digital Whiteboard activity for your math lesson and add a background image so students can solve math problems and color the image using the provided key and drawing tools in BookWidgets. This paint-by-numbers activity practices addition and subtraction to 10.
Paint by numbers - kindergarten activity

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6. Addition and subtraction arithmetic

The Arithmetic widget for preschool students makes it easy for young learners to practice mathematical skills like addition and subtraction. Students solve the problems to reveal a reward word. If this is still a bit too hard for your young learners, you can share this activity on the big screen. For each arithmetic, ask your students to use their hands to count and find the solution.

Addition and subtraction arithmetic - kindergarten activity

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Digital language activities for kindergarten

Letter recognition, learning to write their name, and first sight words are all engaging language activities for kindergarten students. These activities are a good addition to your other kindergarten curriculum resources, but you might need to make some changes depending on where you’re from, as the kindergarten curriculum will have some changes from country to country.

7. Recognize new words

This activity focuses on recognizing words from sounds. This is a great activity for teaching new words and sounds to your younger learners, even before they learn the alphabet.

New words - Kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: Use audio (by using the voice recorder in BookWidgets) and images (by uploading them from the built-in Pixabay library). Students can zoom in on the images if needed by clicking on them.

8. Learning the alphabet

Learning the alphabet and recognizing the letters is a big goal when your students move on to the first grade. This Video Quiz activity is perfect for learning the alphabet and knowing how the letters sound and look like.

Learning the alphabeth - Kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: A Video Quiz is perfect for visual learning. Include audio so students can practice this activity individually as often as they like or need to. The activity is auto-graded, so the teacher doesn’t need to check every student. It’s also fun to do this activity in a group and let your students repeat the letters out loud!

9. Letter recognition - Letters in my name

This is probably the first “name” activity for early childhood education. Once your students recognize the letters of the alphabet, they learn to recognize the letters in their names. The next step, obviously, is to teach them to write the letters in their name.

Letters in my name - Kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: Add a background image to a whiteboard widget so your students can draw on it. You can do any letter recognition activity if the image shows the alphabet. Ask them to circle the letters that appear in different words. Start with sight words like sun, dog, cat, etc. Just change the title, and you will have a new activity!

11. Emoji sight words flashcards

This sight words activity is fun and useful as emojis are easy to include in activities and represent easy words most of the time. Students see the emoji and say what they see. They flip the card and listen to the pronunciation of the word.

Sight words Flashcards - Kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: BookWidgets flashcards have a text-to-speech optionality. Enable it for the words so students can recognize the letters and listen to them.

12. Sight words crossword

After practicing the words with the flashcards, your students can try to write the words down in the crossword. They learn to spell the short and easy words. This activity might be a bit too hard for younger learners. So, take the lead and share the crossword on the big screen. When they name an emoji, ask them which letter is in the words and where they should put the letters.

Sight words crosswords - Kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: Adding emoji’s to your activities is 10x faster then looking for images to upload. Right-click your mouse and choose “Emoji & symbols”. That’s it!

13. New words pair matching

A pair-matching game is perfect for teaching new words and vocabulary to kindergarten students. In this activity, your learners need to match an image with the sound of the words. This one is about the face, but the same goes for words in different themes: the body, the weather, the garden, the forest, the house, the room, animals, and much more. I’ll share some more activities below in the section about teaching with “themes” in kindergarten. For subjects and words your learners can see, ask them to point them out. In this example, ask them to point out their nose, eyes, cheeks, etc.

New Words Pair Matching - Kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: All BookWidgets activities that come in pairs are really easy to transform into a new activity. Think about quizzes with pair-matching question types, flashcards, memory games, crossword puzzles, and word search puzzles… Check out this article to find out how to use the same content in different activities with just a few clicks.

14. Dress like an animal!

Teach new words with a fun twist. This activity is all about that! First, ask your students to come to school dressed like animals. It’s fun as they will learn all about animals. Every animal has its own characteristics your students will recognize. They only have to shout out the animals the kids in the pictures are dressed in. This is a group activity. When flipping the cards, ask your students to listen to the word, repeat it, and… make the animal sound! This activity is designed by Bart Natens.

Dress like an animal! - Kindergarten activity

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15. Get funky with sounds!

This activity is fun but also teaches students to listen closely to what words sound like. The word and meaning of “onomatopoeia” is probably a bit hard for kindergarten students to understand, but it’s the activity that teaches them important listening skills. Onomatopoeia - Kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: A BookWidgets hotspot image activity is perfect for creating digital discovery posters on which students have to click, read, and listen.

16. Drawing dictation - The house

This is one of my favorite kindergarten classroom activities created by a Dutch Kindergarten teacher, Virginie Lauwers. This is a listening activity but also shows the words your students learned so they can recognize them.

Drawing dictation - Kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: Use a Split Whiteboard activity and add audio, text, and images so students can already learn to recognize words. Students can easily pause and resume the audio.


Digital discovery activities for kindergarten

Embarking on the journey of digital discovery activities with young learners can be both exciting and daunting. In this part, I will show you some engaging kindergarten resources designed to foster exploration, fine motor skills, learning, and creativity in the digital realm.

17. Senses in the garden

This activity teaches kindergarten students to be aware of their surroundings and about the senses. Let them walk on the playground and visit the forest, park, or garden so they can draw things they can see, hear, smell, and touch.

Senses in the garden - Kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: In this BookWidgets whiteboard activity, you can also enable your learners to upload an image/ take a picture instead of only drawing on the whiteboard.

18. Recognize shapes worksheet

This is probably the first geometry activity early childhood students will get. Let your students drag and drop familiar icons or images with the right shape to the right box.

The history of pi

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💡 Pro tip: Choose a worksheet widget and pick the “Picture drag and drop” question type. If you can’t find the right images using the Pixabay integration, use “The noun project” for all the icons you need. It’s my favorite icon go-to website.

19. Recognize shapes in objects - Photo Search

This activity follows the previous one. Here, your students need to walk around in their classroom, school, and playground and recognize the different shapes in the objects in their daily lives. They need to take a picture and add it as an answer to their question. This activity is very engaging for young learners and perfect for small student groups using tablets.

Recognize shapes - Kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: The photo question in a BookWidgets quiz or worksheet is perfect for discovery activities like this one. Duplicate the widget and change the question to a new discovery activity for kindergarten.

20. Building with color blocks

This activity teaches your young learners lots of different things: they build their motor skills, learn to recognize colors and get a sense of spatial awareness.

Winter Math Plot

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💡 Pro tip: If you also want to incorporate the skill “learning to play with others”, add another wheel to this BookWidgets randomness activity with the same images. Let one student build the first block tower and the other the second. When done, your students can switch positions and check each other’s work.

21. Old MacDonald had a farm…

As this is the only music activity I’m sharing, it needed to go under this blog post’s “discovery” section. But, when you’re teaching with themes, and “farm or animals” is probably a theme, make sure to include this one too. This piano activity works best when you have tablets available. Your students can listen to the song and try to replicate it using the piano keyboard below. I know they will make countless mistakes, but it can be the first introduction to musical instruments in a playful, fun way.

Old MacDonald - Kindergarten song activity

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💡 Pro tip: You can teach the song with its lyrics so students can sing along!

22. The weather memory game

Of course, we’re teaching our kindergarten kids new vocabulary, and it can be part of a “weather-themed lesson series”, but I’m showing this activity here because students learn to look outside and discover the weather. This is a fun memory game for a 1-to-many classroom setup. I made sure students could shout the number of the cards so the teacher could flip the two cards they indicated. Can your students remember where the matching cards are?

The wheather memory game kindergarten actvity

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💡 Pro tip: The Memory Game widget can be used to practice newly learned concepts and words. When finished, ask your students a follow-up question so they think about what they’ve learned and trigger their knowledge immediately after. In this example, I ask them to look outside and tell me the weather for that day. You can do this using text and audio. This digital preschool resource is designed by Bart Natens.

23. Bingo playground

Create a bingo sheet that’s different for every young learner and add familiar images. Now, your students can scan the bingo QR code you provide using their tablet and walk around the playground, the park, the forest, you name it. Whenever they encounter something that represents one of the images on their bingo sheet, they can tap it. The students that find all the activities first win!

Bingo Playground - Kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: Duplicate this bingo card and add more images that represent your school’s playground. If you add an “alt text” to the images, you can even read out loud what’s on the images by enabling the text-to-speech option.

crafts kindergarten

Digital crafting activities for kindergarten

Enter the world of imagination and creativity with this part on digital crafting activities for kindergarteners. In this digital age, fostering artistic expression goes beyond traditional mediums, offering a vibrant canvas for young minds to explore. Join us as we explore a variety of innovative lesson plans and techniques tailored to inspire your little artists in the kindergarten classroom.

24. Heartfelt creations

Crafting and creativity are important activities in kindergarten as they will improve your students’ motor skills. They learn fine motor skills by drawing and using glue and scissors. This activity is just about that! You can do the activity around Valentine’s Day or when you focus on the theme “Friendship and Kindness”. It’s always a good idea to add the different steps of the creation process in a BookWidgets quiz. Make sure to share it on the big screen as your students follow along with all the steps. You also have to show the steps by crafting yourself.

Crafts - kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: By adding a photo question to your craft quiz, you can assign some homework during the holidays, a school break, or remote teaching. This way, the parents have a ready-to-use activity, and your students can upload their crafts to you. Now, you can print them out and decorate your classroom, and your learners will find their artwork when they come back to school.

25. Emoji artwork

This activity is all about bringing your toddlers’ fantasies and creating thinking alive. This is a creative assignment best given when you have tablets available. Your students need to spin the wheels, and 3 emojis will pop up. Now, they have to draw an artwork using the whiteboard on the other side with those 3 emojis. They can use the digital whiteboard tools or draw on paper. When they are done, they can upload a picture of their paper artwork and add it to the whiteboard. Not everything needs to be digital all the way. Practicing drawing on paper will refine your preschoolers’ motor skills.

Artwork kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: Use a “Split Whiteboard” widget to combine widgets and create fun activities. I first created a “Randomness” widget in the example above and shared that link in a Split Whiteboard widget.

26. Cotton ball launcher

This creative Video Quiz STEM activity is so much fun. It can be a classroom project or, again, homework to do with the child’s parents. In both cases, the adult plays an important role when it comes to providing instructions. We already give them in the Video Quiz activity, step by step, but you’ll have to read them out loud and make sure your younger learners understand.

Stem activity craft - kindergarten

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💡 Pro tip: Adding multiple photo questions to your Video Quiz lets you follow up on your student’s learning process and see where things went wrong.


Digital energizer activities for kindergarten

Keeping kindergarten students engaged and energized is key to a successful learning experience. In this part, I will unveil 2 dynamic digital energizer activities designed to inject excitement and vitality into the classroom. From interactive learning games to lively movement breaks, discover how technology can be used to spark joy in your kindergartners’ educational journey. If you like these early childhood energizers, make sure to check out this blog post with many more energizers for students of all ages.

27. Get on that chair!

This activity is so much fun and teaches your preschoolers all about the chronological order of the alphabet and numbers. Make a line with chairs, and a student stands up straight on each chair. Spin the wheel and ask your students to collaborate and switch positions (without touching the ground) based on the assignment on the wheel. This assignment is text-based, so you’ll have to explain. They will probably also need your help and instructions. Guide them by asking the right questions.

Energizer activity for kindergarten

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💡 Pro tip: Duplicate this activity into your BookWidgets account and add other assignment instructions. You can adapt the activities to your student’s age and skills. You can also add icons and images instead of text.

28. Movement energizers

I also used the fun “Randomness” widget for this activity, but I added 4 wheels with images instead of 1 with text. As you can see in both examples, the possibilities of this spinner activity are endless! Share this activity with your students on the big screen 2 to 3 times a day, and ask a student to come forward and spin the wheel. That student shows the activity the others must do. They explain and show it to the others. It teaches your learners to give clear instructions to other students using their voice and body language. And…it’s a fun kindergarten energizer!

Energizer activity for kindergarten

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Digital theme activities for kindergarten

Digital theme activities for kindergarten

Step into the captivating realm of digital-themed activities tailored specifically for kindergarten classrooms. In this blog post section, I unveil a treasure trove of innovative kindergarten lesson ideas designed to ignite curiosity and foster learning through technology. These themed classroom activities will enrich the educational experience for young learners. Of course, you can tailor all these free resources to your classroom themes or build new digital kindergarten activities from scratch.

29. Animals

I’m sharing 3 activities about animals you can use right away. Remember these three other fun activities I already shared above? 👉 flashcards activity “Dress like an animal”, “Count the animals”, and “Paint by numbers”. They fit right in here, too.

Spring animals memory game

In this animal-themed kindergarten lesson idea, children are presented with a grid of cards featuring various springtime animals, such as bunnies, chicks, and butterflies, each paired with an identical match. The objective is for students to flip over the cards, one at a time, to find matching pairs by remembering the placement of each animal. This activity not only enhances memory and concentration skills but also introduces young learners to the vibrant world of springtime fauna in an interactive and entertaining manner. This kindergarten widget is designed by Bart Natens.

Spring animals memory - kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: Enable the “add numbers” option so your students can pick cards to turn over by saying the numbers.

Farm animals spot the difference game

This farm-themed digital activity is designed for kindergarten students to sharpen their observation skills. In this game, children are presented with two images of farm scenes featuring various animals. Their task is to identify and click on the differences between the two pictures. This engaging activity enhances visual discrimination abilities and introduces young learners to the diversity of farm animals in a fun and interactive way.

Farm animals spot the difference game

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💡 Pro tip: Instead of just highlighting the differences, you can mention what’s different too by adding a short explanation in the configuration. You can also ask students a specific question for each difference. It will engage them more with the learning subject.

Forest animals discovery poster

This innovative Valentine’s Day teaching strategy showcases various animals in their natural habitats, each decorated with a Valentine’s theme. You can see this activity fits in perfectly with both themes: animals and Valentine’s Day. This Hotspot Image activity reveals a fun fact about each animal, such as their habitats, diet, or unique characteristics. This interactive poster image is designed to engage and benefit learners of all ages. With a particular emphasis on its effectiveness for young learners, it supports the students’ learning and provides valuable additional support for emerging readers.

Forest animals discovery poster - kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: Edit your background image in a way students know where to click. You can also make the hotspots visible. Combine audio, text, and an image to create a fun and rich learning experience for your students.

30. Transportation and vehicles

I created 3 digital learning games for preschoolers you can use to practice vocabulary and understand the different ways of transportation or vehicles. You can add more fun activities on this theme that are not digital. A fun color plate is always good to refine your student’s motor skills.

Spot the difference - Train activity

This activity focuses on spotting the differences between two train images. The differences are colors, so it teaches your students the differences in color.

Spot the difference - Train activity Kindergarten

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Jigsaw puzzle

A digital jigsaw puzzle is the perfect introduction activity for any theme. When your students complete the jigsaw puzzle, you can ask them a follow-up question related to the lesson subject.

Spot the difference - Train activity Kindergarten

Click to open

💡 Pro tip: Young learners can click the “?” icon to get a hint of the completed jigsaw puzzle. You can disable showing this hint for older students. You can also play with the amount of puzzle pieces to make this activity harder or easier.

Transportation BINGO!

Let your students open this bingo sheet by sharing a link/QR code or shortcode. This activity works best on tablets. If you don’t have tablets for all your students, don’t worry. You can create smaller groups for 1 tablet. For this activity, the teacher explains the means of transportation without mentioning the name. For example, “I reach my destination by traveling on hot air. I let the wind guide me, and I float high above the ground”. Your students shout out what it is, “A hot air balloon!” and click the image. The bingo sheets are all arranged differently. This ensures some groups will have 3 in a row quicker than others as they won’t have the same images on their sheet. The ultimate goal is for a group to have BINGO! when they tapped all the images.

Bingo game transportation - kindergarten

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31. Friendship & Love

These digital kindergarten lessons are all about love, friendship, kindness, appreciation, and acceptance. You can address this subject around Valentine’s Day, as the themes fit right in. Remember, the craft activity, “Heartfelt creations” and the “Wildlife wonders” discovery poster all fit in this theme.

Be a good friend BINGO!

During the week, your students must complete 1 classroom bingo by checking every card on the sheet. They can do most of them in school, but being a good friend doesn’t stop there. Some of the things they can do at home.

Be a good friend BINGO - Kindergarten activity

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💡 Pro tip: If you don’t have many tablets or devices available, you can use the bingo game in a one-to-many classroom setup and make it a group effort to check all the cards on the Bingo sheet.

Random acts of kindness

Share this random spinner every morning of the week to choose a random act of kindness your young learners need to complete

Random act of kindness - Kindergarten activity

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Heart pairs

Practice colors with this love pair matching game. Your preschoolers listen to the color and need to match it with the right colored heart.

Heart colors - Kindergarten game

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💡 Pro tip: Include audio in your pairs for younger learners and use text instead of audio for older learners.

Letter recognition

This is a letter recognition activity I already shared above but with a Valentine’s Day twist. Let your students circle the letters that appear in the word “Valentine’s Day”. Duplicate the activity and make several versions, or delete the title. This way, you can reuse this activity. Write down your “love” words on the blackboard so they know which letters to circle. Think of “love, friendship, kindness, appreciation, and acceptation”. When they complete the activity, ask them to explain what the words mean to them and click the dustbin icon to start over and move on to the next word.

Heart colors - Kindergarten game

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32. Easter

Easter is always fun as the Easter Bunny comes around, and your students can go on an egg hunt! Here are some fun Easter themed activities for your preschoolers and kindergarten students.

Easter puzzle series

This fun planner activity has 4 fun Easter themed jigsaw puzzles with different difficulty lessons. Perfect for differentiating your kindergarten lessons. Your students start with 2 easy jigsaw puzzles. When done, they check off the activities and add 2 more activities using the “+” icon. This awesome kindergarten planner activity is created by Virginie Lauwers.

Matching- Kindergarten activity

Click to open

💡 Pro tip: Play with the puzzle pieces quantity to make harder and easier jigsaw puzzles.

Easter bunny candidates

This fun “tiptile” activity combines images with audio and video. Use this as an introduction activity to your Easter theme. Your students must discover the possible Easter Bunny helpers and judge whether they are suited. Then, challenge your students if they can be the Easter bunny’s helpers. Your students will need to go through a set of challenges (or activities) to prove they can help the Easter bunny. They could need to prove they can hide and look for Easter eggs, like in the next Easter spot-the-difference activity. easter discovery - Kindergarten activity

Click to open

Egg hunt spot-the-difference game

This spot-the-difference game for kindergarten fits right into the Easter theme. Can your students find all the differences?

easter discovery - Kindergarten activity

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33. Pirates

This fun kindergarten classroom activity triggers your students’ imagination. Let them invent fun pirate, adventure, and treasure hunt stories based on the images that come up in the randomness widget. This fun preschool activity is created by Bart Natens.

Pirates kindergarten activity

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Digital rules and organization activities for kindergarten

Digital rules and organization activities for kindergarten

In this part of the blog post, I want to share some activities that can help you with the all-day classroom management of a kindergarten classroom. And besides sharing activities, I’m also highlighting 2 amazing virtual learning tools for kindergarten. These educational apps for kindergarten classrooms will help you manage, organize, and set goals.

34. Classroom rules discovery poster

This interactive poster explains your kindergarten classroom rules. Create a visual using tools like Canva or Adobe Express and make it interactive with the BookWidgets hotspot image widget. Add audio so students can listen to the classroom rules.

Classroom rules discovery poster

Click to open

35. Classroom rules pair matching game

Discuss your kindergarten classroom rules with your students at the beginning of the school year by giving them this interactive pair-matching game. This makes rules fun and engages your students with them as well.

Classroom rules pair matching kindergarten activity

Click to open

36. Pee break!

It’s not always easy managing a classroom full of kindergarten students during a bathroom break. This fun pair-matching activity can be used to teach your young learners what to do when they go to the bathroom. Let them find the matching pairs and tell what the images represent. You will see… your students will bring in some funny bathroom stories you didn’t ask for… 😅 Make sure they use this information when they actually go to the bathroom. This creative bathroom etiquette pair matching game is created by Bart Natens.

Pee break kindergarten activity

Click to open

37. Random student picker

Add the names or, even better, headshot pictures of your students to create a random name picker like the one below. Duplicate the activity and replace the given names with your students’ names. Use your random student picker when you need a volunteer or hand out chores or tasks. Let a student spin the wheel when handing out the tasks.

Random student picker kindergarten activity

Click to open

38. Random group generator

As for the student picker, the same goes for generating random student groups. Use a randomness widget with multiple wheels to create random groups.

Random group generator kindergarten activity

Click to open

39. Digital dice

Dices are small, go missing all the time, and can be dangerous for young learners. Introducing… the digital dice. Use the activity below for any activity that requires a dice.

Digital dice for kindergarten

Click to open

💡 Pro tip: Create a randomness widget with two wheels. This gives you a double dice. You can use it for counting activities.

40. Smart Symbols

Smart Symbols is supportive software for early childhood education. They provide actionable insights into the daily activities of toddlers in crowded classrooms by collecting data from both teachers and children. Smart Symbols translates theory (teacher schedule) into practice by providing digital activity boards for toddlers. Letting toddlers interact with their tools by choosing activities, giving feedback, and sharing their emotions enables teachers to obtain deeper insights about emotions, interest, social interaction, and much more.


With all the inspirational examples given, I’d like to mention the BookWidgets integration with the i3LEARNHUB. The i3LEARNHUB is online, device indepent softwaretool to create interactive lesson plans. Teachers can create and choose BookWidgets activities directly from the I3LEARNHUB and share them with students in both a single device (I3 touchscreen) or a 1-on-1 device classroom. If you want to know more about this integration, make sure to watch the webinar recording and find out how you can effortlessly create, share, and integrate BookWidgets’ interactive content.

Wrap up

That’s it! I hope this collection of 40 online lesson activities for young learners inspired you to digitize parts of your lessons and engage your younger learners. From interactive learning games for young learners and immersive storytelling to hands-on exercises, these activities are designed to spark curiosity and foster a love for learning. With this comprehensive kindergarten resource, you’ll be well-equipped to create dynamic and memorable educational experiences for your young students. Here’s to a classroom filled with joy, creativity, and endless discovery!

Remember to navigate to this BookWidgets group to find all the free kindergarten lessons I just shared.

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