Import images and audio files from Google Drive to BookWidgets

As the title already gave away: we added a little something to make your widget-creating process more efficient.

You can now add images and audio files directly from your online Google Drive filesystem. Store all your images and files online in your Google Drive so you can create exercises from any computer. You’ll always have the right files with you. You just need an internet connection (but you needed that to create BookWidgets exercises anyway).

How to import files from Google Drive in BookWidgets

As you know, up until now, you could already add images and audio files that were saved to your desktop, and directly from the Pixabay image library.

Adding files from your Google Drive to BookWidgets works in the same way: when adding an image or audio file, a little menu pops out where you get to choose how you want to import your file.

For images:

  • Choose image (saved on your computer)
  • Import from Google Drive
  • Find image online (via the Pixabay image library)

For audio:

  • Choose audio (saved on your computer)
  • Import from Google Drive
  • Record (record your voice immediately)

When importing from Google Drive, you’ll be asked to sign in to your Drive and choose an image or audio file. The Google Drive feature (as well as the other options) work in any widget when adding images or audio.

How to start with Google Drive

Want to work with Google Drive but you don’t know how? Setting up an online file system is pretty easy. Just follow the next steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Create folders in “My Drive”, upload and create files with “Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms”
  3. Share and organize. The biggest Google Drive advantage is the fact that all your files are easy to share with others. Invite fellow teachers to shared folders and files. You can give them managing roles as well.

That’s it! Once you configured your Google Drive, you can use it as online storage, including with BookWidgets.

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Lucie Renard

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