Education needs a reboot - Infographic

It’s nothing new I’m about to say, but that doesn’t make it less interesting. Education is slowly changing. Note “slowly”. It sometimes feels like snails get faster to a finish line…

The education system needs a reboot. Nobody knows this better than teachers. But the work pressure today is sky high. Teachers are trying to meet the expectations 21st century society, within a 20th century system. This leads to stress, resentment and burn outs.

We believe technology can help. For 90% of all future jobs, digital skills are a necessity. This means that education must digitize too. Personalization and ICT become more and more important. Take a look at this survey by Deloitte for some mindblowing numbers about technology in education.

With BookWidgets we’re trying to give teachers the tools they need. We try to meet their needs by making a very comprehensive educational platform. Check out this infographic about the need for technology in the classroom and BookWidgets.

BookWidgets infographic

Lucie Renard

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