10 Inspiring YouTube Channels for Teachers to Create Powerful Lessons

Youtube is the second biggest search engine, after Google. So it makes sense that teachers browse through YouTube to get big ideas.

You can use YouTube in so many ways in your classroom. Teachers can show their students videos from YouTube, they can find some lesson ideas on it and they can use it as a video creation platform.

In this post I’ll show you 10 YouTube channels for teachers that are worth a mention. Take a look at these channels and get inspired!

10 fun teacher YouTube channels

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy’s mission is to provide a world-class education for anyone, anywhere. They teach students important lessons about history, science, physics, finance, biology, geometry, algebra, grammar, etc. Looking for a good explainer video for in your class? Or just looking for ideas? Then this is definitely the place for you.

Here’s an example video to get a taste of how Khan Academy explains a topic.

2. Edutopia

Edutopia creates educational videos about what’s working in K - 12 education. Whether you’re curious about project-based learning, integrating tech tools, or social and emotional learning practices, they’ve got it covered.

They also have a “Schools That Work” series, which focuses on evidence-based strategies that you can bring to your classroom.

3. TED-Ed

TED-Ed’s mission is to spread great ideas. Creating lessons worth sharing is an extension of that mission. Within TED-Ed’s large library of TED-Ed animations, you will find a lot of carefully curated educational videos. What I love about TED-Ed videos is that they explain things I never even thought about and are actually great to show your students! Just like in this example:

4. Richard Byrne

One of the best educational bloggers around, Free Tech for Teachers, has also an amazing YouTube channel. His channel features videos with tutorials on all kinds of digital tools for the classroom. He explains every educational app in the edtech universe. If you have a hard time working an app out, check his YouTube channel. I’m sure he’ll help you out.

Curious? Here’s a sneak peak:

5. EdTech School

EdTech School is a part of the BookWidgets YouTube channel. It’s a playlist full of educational videos about using technology in your classroom. The videos are short, and to the point. If you want to learn about what apps are perfect for your lessons, you should definitely subscribe to the BookWidgets YouTube channel.

Take a look at this example:

6. Common Sense Education

Common Sense Education provides teachers with digital learning tools that engage students and teach them how to behave safely, responsibly, and respectfully online. Their videos cover topics like “tips on teaching with technology” and “lessons that build students’ digital citizenship skills”.

7. Teaching Channel

Teaching Channel is an online community where teachers can watch, share, and learn diverse techniques to help every student grow. They have a library of over 30 best-in-class videos of teacher practice. You’ll see that this YouTube channel is all about the teacher sharing his or her practice and ideas.

This video is about a teacher sharing her line-up strategy for her students. I’m sure a lot of you teachers can learn about it!

Youtube Channel Teaching Channel

8. Minute Earth

Our world is a complex place. Make sure your students know enough about it! Are you looking for something about extreme weather conditions, the reason why rivers curve, … ? You will find it all on this YouTube channel about our planet.

Take a look at this fun and fascinating video about what happens when a volcano meets a glacier.

Youtube Channel Minute Earth

9. Bio.

Every course has important icons that have a significant role in their history. Think about Albert Einstein for physics and William Shakespeare for English.

Every life has a story. The last fateful day. The decision that changed everything. The moment of cheating death. The biggest break. The defining opportunity. The most shattering failure. The unexpected connection.

With over 7,000 biographies and daily features that highlight newsworthy, compelling and surprising points-of-view, they are the digital source for true stories about people that matter. If a famous name pops up in your lesson, then take a look at this YouTube channel.

10. ESL Kids games

This channel isn’t for every teacher, but it’s still amazing! ESL (English as a second language) Kids Games channel is dedicated to giving ESL teachers great ideas for games and learning activities for young learners, teens and even adults.

Here’s a nice warm up exercise to begin your class.

Wrap up

Certainly, there are numerous other exceptional YouTube channels to explore! These recommended YouTube channels for educators serve as an excellent foundation to begin your journey. You can even transform your YouTube videos to interactive quizzes. Happy learning!

Do you know any unique YouTube channels we forgot to mention? Share them in our Facebook Teacher Community or mention us on X. No, we didn’t forget a word… X is Twitter ;)

And me? I’m Lucie from BookWidgets. I’m happy to connect with you personally on X or LinkedIn.

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