What to visit at Bett 2020? 18 Stands you should check out

Are you planning to visit Bett? If you still have doubts, let me convince you by telling you all about the stands you have to visit on visit at the Bett show in London, 22-25 January, 2020.

What is Bett?

Bett is the first show of the year in the education technology landscape. Expect over 800 companies and 103 EdTech startups presenting their technology for use in education to teachers and schools. Visit the Bett show to find inspiration and discuss the future of education. Watch how technology and innovation enable teachers and learners to optimize their teaching or entire school infrastructure.

What to visit at Bett?

This year, the Bett show is divided into 6 zones. These zones serve for better navigation for visitors, as you know best what you are looking for. I’ll give you my top picks of each of these 6 zones that you should definitely visit during your stay.

If you will have visited all these booths, you will be a fully equipped teacher, packed with everything including a ready-to-use curriculum and the best learning management system, an intuitive content creation & assessment tool, distance learning solutions, and much more.

Zone 1: Education Show

This zone focusses on providing resources and solutions that will make a real impact on the health and wealth of your school. This zone is especially targeted at the purchase decision-makers in schools (and other educational organisations). It’s a one-stop-shop for all the supplies and information you need to make the most of your school budget. Check out Bett’s best practice presentations, demonstrations, and range of suppliers.

1. Picture news

Picture News is a weekly news resource created for English-speaking international primary schools. Get their weekly resources on current affairs that are thought-provoking, leading to discussions and debates in your mailbox. This way, students are learning from the news, as well as about it.

Stand EDC57

2. Ypo

If you’re looking for a cost-efficiency partner that supplies your school with educational products, you should visit YPO. They use their bulk buying power to achieve the best prices for schools on supplies and for access to contract services - with everything from stationery to canteen food.

Stand EDB20

3. Positive footprints

This organization develops personal development programs for students that open up the world of work and enable them to discover their potential, raise their aspirations and build resilience. Positive footprints was set up to close the skill gap in the UK. You’ll receive lesson plans, resources, and all the materials you need to deliver the programs. As a teacher, you just have to open your box of resources and start delivering!

Stand EDB49

Zone 2: Learning Tech

This zone is about Technology that students can use. Students are the end-users of these companies’ products and services. Think about learning apps, educational software, and e-books.

4. Browzly

Browzly encourages primary students to read for pleasure. They offer student-led and teacher-led programs created to fit classrooms and schools of varying resources and diverse curricula. The app allows you to measure comprehension of books read by your students, and recommends an optimal and leveled reading range for each child. They generate book recommendations that are custom generated for each student. Create quizzes to measure the reading progress and attainment of comprehension levels for specific books and readers.

Stand FS17

5. SchoolRadio

Set up your own school radio program in which you encourage students to find their own voice, think critically, discuss world topics, talk about the news, and so on. SchoolRadio makes sure you have everything you need to start your own school radio program, from microphones to the broadcasting software.

Stand SH60

6. Empatico

Empatico is a free platform that connects classrooms across the world. They want teachers and students to explore the world through experiences that spark curiosity, kindness, and empathy. Empatico combines live video with activities that foster meaningful connections among students. This tool includes automated matching between global classrooms and has features that allow you to chat and schedule across time zones.

Stand NG80

Zone 3: Teaching Tech

Technology for the teachers to help them optimize their teaching, grading, administration. Think about assessment services, learning management systems, distant learning solutions and more.

7. Google For Education

Here, you’ll find all the latest educational technology from Google for Education. Visit their stand for one of their Teaching Theatre sessions, demo classroom experiences, or check out Google’s new Chromebooks.

Remember to ask about G Suite and Google Classroom’s possibilities! Then, take 2 steps towards the BookWidgets booth on the Google Stand.

Stand SE30

8. BookWidgets

BookWidgets allows you to create interactive lessons and easily share them with your students. BookWidgets provides digital templates for all kinds of interactive exercises. You just have to add your own content. Choose between more than 40 different widgets or exercise templates to engage your students. Make your own adapted crossword riddles, jigsaw puzzles, web quests, automatically graded quizzes, timelines and much more.

If you want a complete digital classroom or a tool that makes teaching more efficient, you should use Google Classroom in combination with Bookwidgets. BookWidgets is fully integrated into Google Classroom, which makes your teaching and classroom management even more intuitive.

Stand SE30

9. Zoom

With zoom, people or students can log in and start talking to each other. It’s mostly used as a webinar system, but it’s quite valuable for communicating with your students and the entire classroom from a distance as well. Zoom can also be used by the students, teaching them important communication, planning and business skills. You can even invite parents to join in on the webinar.

Stand NM70

Zone 4: Management Solutions

Visit this zone if you’re looking for solutions that go beyond your classroom, such as IT management services for your hardware or data and storage management.

10. CareMonkey

CareMonkey helps your school digitize and automate their workflow and processes. They automate the collection of permission forms, medical data, and payments as well as manage paper-free school trips, emergency and incident reporting, staff agreements and more. It’s very handy to stay on top of administrative tasks and reduce paper forms.

Stand NM36

11. Clubbly

Clubbly is a platform that connects schools to after-school club coaches and allows parents to book online. If your school or school teachers want to organize after-school clubs without the administrative hassle, this is the place to be. You can also find other school clubs with certified coaches and let your students’ parents register their child.

Stand NN65

12. MarvelousMe

MarvellousMe is an app that encourages parent engagement in their child’s learning process and achievements, without impacting teacher workload. It enriches family conversations about school.

Stand FS31

Zone 5: Equipment & Hardware

Here, you’ll find everything to equip the classroom or your school. Think about everything available in your classroom, the school’s library, the canteen, and so on. This also includes devices such as PCs, tablets, and the digital classroom screen or projector.

13. Sphero

Sphero Edu is a STEAM-based toolset using hardware (bots), software (coding app), and community engagement to promote 21st-century skills with students. Their education program goes beyond code by nurturing students’ creativity and ingenuity.

Stand NG30 & SE23

14. NutKase

Visit this stand if you are using Chromebooks or iPads in your classroom and feel like they have seen the ground too many times. Here, you’ll find drop-proof iPad and Chromebook cases of any size and design.

Stand SN43

15. Scanning Pens

This might be a huge help for dyslectic students, as this company has developed a pen that scans text and converts the text to speech. Scanning Pens combines their expert knowledge with years of experience in the dyslexia field to develop reading solutions for individuals and educational institutions. Dyslectic students can scan exam questions and hard words with the pen and listen to the text instead of reading it. This way, these students’ results don’t depend on their reading difficulties.

Stand NF10 & NF12

Zone 6: Global Showcase

Visit the last zone and get to know diverse associations, NGO’s, or international collectives from all over the world that support education.

16. Kaligo

Kaligo is a handwriting app designed to teach students how to write using a stylus and tablet. The platform works with AI machine learning so it can correct students and point them in the right direction. It’s more efficient for the teacher, as you don’t have to correct all your students’ work, and they can immediately adapt their learning and move on. Curriculum-based exercises have been co-created with teachers, occupational therapists, and neuroscientists.

Stand FS25

17. Classoos

Classoos is an online platform for teachers and students that provides access to online textbooks from all the leading UK education publishers. Look for a book, and add it to your basket or assign your students to buy a specific book. Classoos also allows you to highlight text, add notes and add extra interactive links and lesson materials to the online textbooks.

Stand SQ20

18. Bookr

Use BOOKR Class to teach and improve English language learning with your students. Bookr Class is an easy-to-use gamified library application for students from 3 to 18 years. Students can navigate between 6 levels and have access to over 100 digital experiences like books, games, songs, karaoke, quizzes, and flashcards.

Stand ST42

Pro tip

Phew! That’s a lot, right? I hope that this summary helps you get the most out of your stay at Bett, in case you don’t have time to visit all the stands.

If you want to visit one booth covering teaching, equipment, and management aspects, you should definitely visit the Google For Education stand. You’ll find great classroom hardware (Chromebooks), a free and easy-to-use classroom management tool (Google Classroom), and an interactive lesson creation and assessment tool (BookWidgets). Check out stand SE30, and you’ll be ready to hit 2020.

Lucie Renard

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