How to import questions from other widgets in BookWidgets - The possibilities

Here’s a new thing we added to BookWidgets: the possibility to import questions from existing widgets to new widgets. So why would you need this option?

In this blog post, I’ll tell you the how you can use this option in your lessons. I’ll also show you how it works.

Benefits of importing questions from other widgets

1. Save time

It’s much easier to copy questions from other widgets than it is to create the same question over and over again. Sometimes, you use questions from homework on tests or exams later on. If that question took a lot of work and time to make it, it’s just as easy to copy them with a few clicks into a new widget.

2. Create a question Bank

By creating one widget with all your questions in it, you can create a type of question bank. Make different versions or tests for students by choosing and copying questions from the question bank widget.

3. Differentiate

Starting from a quiz widget that serves as a question bank widget, you can make different versions for students at different levels with just a few clicks. You can make widgets that require basic knowledge, and you can make widgets that require advanced knowledge. You can make extra exercises for students that are finished before the others and need some extra challenge. You can also make extra exercises for those who need a hand and more practise.

How to import questions from other widgets in BookWidgets

Importing questions from other widgets is very easy. Follow these 3 steps, and you’re good to go.

1. Open a (new) widget

Importing questions from other widgets is only possible in the widgets that consist of questions: Quizzes, Worksheets or Split Worksheets. Instead of creating a new widget of this type, you can also open an existing widget.

2. Import question to your new widget

With a new (or existing) widget open, open the cogwheel menu in the upper right corner, and choose “Import from widget”.

Question import in BookWidgets

Now, choose the (question bank) widget you want to import questions from. You’ll get a list of all the questions in that widget. Check the questions you want to take over to your new widget.

Then, click on “Import” in the right upper corner.

Question import in BookWidgets

That’s it! You’ll see that all the chosen questions are now in your new widget. Any questions that were already in your widget will still be there, of course.

3. Share with students

Now all you need to do is get a shareable link an share the widget with your students.

Tip: You can also share it in Google Classroom. When you use this “import question option” to differentiate, save this widget to “Draft” in Google Classroom. Then, choose to which students you want to send it.

Get started right away!

Lucie Renard

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