7 Creative pi day resources for in the classroom

Happy Pi day!

Yes! Today, March 14, we get to wear T-shirts with some crazy Pi quotes on them. And when you stand in front of your class, wearing your awesome T-shirt, it’s time to share some pi… Pi day activities.

In this post I’ll share some fun facts about π, Pi Day games, Pi Day worksheets and other Pi Day resources.

Pi Day activities for high school students

1. Pi jokes

I’ve heard a lot of jokes in my life, and I must say, Pi jokes are the worst! It’s really funny that I catch myself laughing with them from time to time. I hope your students are as passionate about these Pi jokes as you are. Click on the image to take a look.

Pi Day Jokes

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2. Pi day knowledge quiz

What do you know about π? Test your knowledge and see how many points you can score? Heads up: it’s not a piece of “pi”. Some questions need some good thinking. The quiz is made by Božica Borbaš.

Are you up for the challenge? Click on the image to get started!

Pi day quiz

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3. Pi day pair matching

Enough jokes and facts: let’s get into the real math! Can you match the radius or diameter of a circle with it’s circumference? Talk about a fun Pi day game…

Pi Day game

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4. Digits of pi

Let’s talk numbers. How many digits of π can you remember? My maximum is 12. Can you do better? Take a stab at the first 10 digits of pi after the comma in this π-day hangman game. There’s a chance you will never forget them. At least, for the next full 3 minutes.

Numbers of pi

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5. Pi number quiz

Too easy? Or still forgetting the digits of π? Here’s a quiz that might help you out. Can you put the digits in the right order? Start easy, finish hard and in the end, and you’ll dream about π. Too bad it’s not real pie.

Pi Day Digits quiz

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6. The history of π

Pi has been known for thousands of years, 4000 years to be exact. After this long time, we’re still only approximating its actual value. Here’s the history of finding π.

The history of pi

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Pi day activities for elementary students

7. Pi day activity wheel

One more thing I’d like to show you. Here’s a Pi Day activity randomness widget. Don’t know what to do on Pi Day? Let the wheel decide for you! Which three activities will come up? These are more Pi Day activities for elementary school and middle school.

pi day ectivities

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Wrap up

That was it! I hope you found some useful Pi Day classroom resources between these fun ideas. Share them with your fellow math colleagues and enjoy this wonderful Pi Day!

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7 Pi Day resources for the classroom

Lucie Renard

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