Why teachers rock! #inspiringteachers

My dream? To teach students. Being creative. Inspire. And yet I haven’t taken the big leap into education. My reasons are wrong, but simple. Teaching is not a 9-to-5 job. It’s way more. It’s late hours, insecurity and hard work.

In this post, I want to talk about the problems others keep denying and wipe out by saying: “they have more vacation”. How is that going to solve the problem?

I’m writing this to cheer on the determined. The persistent teachers who are not giving up, who are not easily put down and who will continue inspiring students, other teachers and even parents.

Teachers play a huge role in building your future. They have to mold a “Tarzan” into a well mannered “Jane”. They help you learn, grow and help you identify your capabilities. They handle toddlers, hyperactivity, puberty, fashionista’s and bad boys.

Above all, teachers are like Dumbo, with ears ever-ready to listen to you and ready to come running when you need them. They have a heart of gold to comfort you when you’re low, and to guide you through some tough times in life.

Not just one job

Teaching is not just one job. Teachers are teachers, yes, but they are also innovators, educators, moms and dads, preachers, clowns, police officers, artists and many more. Sometimes the work is in the planning, sometimes in the paperwork, or in the instruction, sometimes in the guidance of students or in group management, and in figuring out what works best for them.

Being a teacher is re-inventing yourself over and over again. Thinking something can work, but then totally fails.

Of course teachers love teaching. That’s why they do it. That’s why I would do it. Inspiring students, teaching them something, getting feedback, being creative, testing new things. And talking! You can talk and chatter on, without your husband or boyfriend begging you to shut up.

After years of experience, the workload will reduce, they say. (Or does it simply shift?) Young teachers just have to “hang in there”.

Workaholics vs. shopaholics

We can keep telling young teachers to “just hang in there” or someone can do something about it.

First on the list: less paperwork. We’ll never get rid of all of it, but does it have to be soo much?

Communication also seems to be a problem with new teachers. They often get thrown in at the deep end. Start. Just like that. From one day to the next. Too little information and lack of a “support channel” or a “live chat”.

Another alarming fact is that teachers buy a lot. Not clothes, but teaching materials. According to the Annual State of the Educational Market Report, the average teacher in the US spends $500 on resources for their students. One in ten spends more than $1,000. Every year.

Some teachers even buy bookcases and paint for the walls of their classroom. They would do literally everything to make you comfortable in their classroom. Teachers are proudly sharing their beautiful classrooms on Pintrest, Youtube and Instagram.

I’ve never had to work so hard then while studying to become a teacher. Not during earlier studies, not even in the bakery where I worked as a student. And I had to get up at 5am!

For every one-hour lesson I spent a full day preparing. Afterwards, I had to mark assignments against the clock. I didn’t want to miss the newest episode of Game of Thrones! Teachers go home early, true, but it doesn’t stop there.


One thing is very clear: teachers rock! I’m not used to thinking that way. When you’re a student, you don’t like most teachers. You don’t appreciate the hard work they put in.

But I grew up. Now, I love teachers who make their students laugh. I admire the creativity, the passion, and the knowledge.

I remember my history teacher in highschool very well. He was funny and very creative. “What is power?”, he once asked. Crickets… Then he told us to raise our hands. The whole class did. “This is power”, he said. “You raising your hands when I ask for it.”

A moment I will never forget.

I didn’t end up taking a teaching job; I took a different path toward supporting education. BookWidgets is supporting teachers because they are the best! Are you supporting teachers too?

Tag a few #inspiringteachers and tell them why they’re so good at their job. They will love it!

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Lucie Renard

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