How the Reviuslyceum is flipping the classroom using BookWidgets

For the past 3 years, the physics teachers at the Reviuslyceum, Maassluis in the Netherlands, have been pioneering flipped learning, with great success.

We had the opportunity to meet with some of the teachers there earlier this year, and were blown away by the enthousiasm and dedication of the teacher team. It was also very striking how independent the students were able to do their work, and how much time the teacher was able to devote to differentiated learning. They made it seem so easy! (We’re sure it’s not.)

In this first video in a series of three, you can learn in detail what flipped learning is, and the exact process and tools used at the Reviuslyceum to make it work. (Hint: BookWidgets is a key element :-) )

Check it out:

Later this year, the team will release two more videos, containing interviews with students and more details on the didactical implementation of the flipped classroom. We’ll be sure to update this article once they are released. Meanwhile, if you’d like to learn more, visit the Reviuslyceum website, where you can freely download the physics iBooks.

Niels Vanspauwen

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