Spotlight: Skallywaggle Tails

We recently had the honour of working with Wolf Music to enhance their unique interactive musical storybook with a custom built piano widget.

Geared towards kids aged 4 - 8, the book tells the story of the Skallywaggle Tails™ band who play music for kids across the galaxy. Everyone loves them, except the Silencers. They don’t like music and want the band to stop inspiring the children to sing, play, and dance.

Children are immersed in the musical world of the Skallywaggle Tails™ in this highly interactive storybook with many activities/games and lots of music. This fun “edu-tainment” approach engages kids as they enjoy the challenge of doing musical activities and help the Skallywaggles get away from the Silencers.

The multi-touch book runs on iPads & Apple computers and features a custom developed Piano widget (shown above), guiding kids in learning to play simple melodies on the piano.

Get it on the iBooks Store here.

Niels Vanspauwen

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