Spotlight: A Storm of Kings

There's teachers creating interactive books and then there's teachers creating mind-blowingly-impressive interactive books! Chris Warrington and Mike Le-Baigue, two English teachers working at Oakwood High School in Rotherham (United Kingdom), recently wrote such a mind blowing book, titled "A storm of kings". Have a look here.

The Oakwood High School outfitted each teacher with an iPad/Macbook and each pupil an iPad. Chris and Mike got the idea for the book about a year ago. They set out to create something unique for their students that would engage them in English lessons. Throw in a mild obsession for Game of Thrones and a couple of months spending weekends and spare time on learning the tools and writing and the result is this staggering, visually slick and highly interactive book.

Naturally, they used BookWidgets to create most of the interactive elements :-).

The book's currently live with over 200 pupils and their feedback so far is really positive. They appreciate that something so professional looking has been specifically created for them and the subject matter seems engaging and interesting. The interactivity is the icing on the cake, it makes the book a malleable object that they can take part ownership of.

Chris & Mike graciously made the book available for free on the iBooks Store here.

They chronicle their adventures in writing on their blog here.

We encourage all teachers to have a look and be sure to give Chris & Mike feedback if you decide to use it in your class.


Niels Vanspauwen

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