Design Tip: using seamless images in iBooks Author.

What is a seamless image? This is an image which can be repeated infinitely without seeing any edges. The effect is quite nice:



These images work very well in an ebook or in an iBooks. : they provide a sense of continuity as you’re flipping through the pages.

There are a lot of tutorials around the web with instructions on how to create your own seamless images. There are also websites where you can download ready made images.


For instance:


or there are ready to use example available from websites like:


Here is an example we are going to use:



we are not going to explain all steps in details but the following steps are needed:

1. correct horizon with rotate tool

2. correct horizon bow with warp filter

3. crop to 1024x748

4. adjust brightness contrast

5. use the offset filter

6. use the clone tool


1. Correct the horizon:



2. Then use the warp filter to compensate for the bowl of the horizon


3. Crop your image to 1024x748 pixels



4. Add a brightness-contrast adjustment layer and correct brightness to have a comparable brightness left and right.


5. Use the filter offset to get this:


6. use the clone stamp tool to remove the line


If you use this image as a background image in iBooks Author,

this will be looking like this.

Download the example book here:




and the original iBooks Author file here:



Have fun creating your own seamless background, and feel free to share the result with us. 


Bart Buckinx

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