Middle and High School Teachers can facilitate interactive learning through educational technology. With over 30 instantly graded educational apps from our library, interactive exercises or even customized course books are easy to bring to your classroom.

What you can create with BookWidgets

Here are some of the activities Middle & High School Teachers have created with BookWidgets:

The Crossword widget is a fun way to introduce any topic. Choose a list of words and their description, and BookWidgets creates an interactive crossword for you.


The Crossword Widget has transformed these boring French vocabulary lessons into a fun experience.

François Hanton, French teacher at Sint-Pieterscollege Sint-Jozefshandelsschool

The Split Worksheet widget gives your student a piece of text, and lets them answer questions about the text. There are many types of questions to choose from (multiple choice, fill in the blanks, arrange pictures, ...). The answers are automatically graded, saving you lots of time.


BookWidgets is the missing link between ICT and didactics. It should get a place in the toolbox of every teacher.

Martin Ringenaldus, German teacher at RGO Middelharnis

Put any formula in an Active Plot widget, and let your students get an intuitive understanding of the formula by playing with its parameters.


Using BookWidgets is just brilliant, I'm only limited by my own creativity now.

Frans Ittmann, Apple Distinguished Educator & Math Teacher at Helen Parkhurst Daltonschool

How BookWidgets Works

Creating an interactive exercise with BookWidgets just takes a few easy steps:

1. Create

Create an activity ("widget")

Choose a type of activity ("widget") from a large collection of different activity types, and fill it with your own teaching content through an easy-to-use wizard.

2. Share

Share your widget with your students

The widgets you create will work seamlessly in multi-touch books created using iBooks Author projects, but can also be shared with student iPads via our free app or with student Chromebooks, tablets and PCs via the web.

3. Collect

Collect student work in your BookWidgets account

When your students carried out exercises, they can send their work back to you via the BookWidgets website.

4. Grade

Evaluate, grade and provide feedback to your students

Many exercises are automatically graded, freeing up time for you to give quality feedback to your students with a click. Furthermore, we provide the analytics you need to quickly determine problem areas, or students that need extra attention.

Want to try create your own interactive exercises?