Follow students' BookWidgets activity live

Use Live Widgets to help your students at the right time

Monitor your students' progress in real-time while they're working on BookWidgets assignments in your LMS (Google Classroom, Moodle, Canvas, Schoology, Microsoft Teams for Education, ...), from home or in your classroom.

Immediately discover students that need extra challenges, help struggling students, play live games, take real-time surveys, and much more!

Where can I find Live Widgets?

You can always find Live Widgets on the BookWidgets website under the Live section. Make sure to log into your account that’s connected to your LMS.

If your LMS integrates the BookWidgets results, grades & reporting dashboard (e.g., Canvas, Smartschool, Schoology), you can also find your Live Widgets in the dashboard under the Live Widgets link on the top right.

For Google Classroom users, you can access the Live Widgets directly from the BookWidgets Google Chrome extension.

Enable Live Widgets for your students

Enable the Live Widgets feature, as it's not turned on by default. Log into your BookWidgets account via the website and go to Account. Scroll down until you see Live Widgets and enable Track Live Widgets. You only have to do this once.

You can also enable Live Widgets when you navigate to the Live Widgets dashboard inside your LMS for the first time.

Live Widgets is now enabled for all the widgets that support live monitoring - except for the Flashcards, WebQuests, and the Arithmetic widget. Here, you must enable Tracking of live activity in the widget itself.

Follow live student activity for 14 widget types

When you Create a new widget, you enter the Widget Library. When you see a video icon next to the widget, you'll get some live insights in the Live Widgets Dashboard for that widget.

Here's a list of the widget types that support tracking of live activity: Quiz, Video Quiz, Worksheet, Split worksheet, WebQuest, Flash Cards, Whiteboard, Split Whiteboard, Timeline, Exit slip, Jigsaw Puzzle, Memory Game, Pair Matching, Crossword, Word Search, Mind Map, Snowman, Arithmetic, Planner, and Checklist.

How can Live Widgets support your teaching?

Live Widgets is intended to quickly get insights into your student’s understanding and learning process. This way, you can support students who need it immediately. Every widget type will give you different student insights you can use to guide students in the right direction. You can use it to differentiate lessons or to make them more engaging for your students.

Teacher guide to Live Widgets

Get a better understanding of the different data you get for each widget, how you can interpret the data, and some creative lesson ideas using the Live Widgets dashboard.

Live Widgets guide

Live Widgets tutorial

Check out our tutorial about the BookWidgets Live feature. Click through the tutorial to understand the data presented in the Live Widgets dashboard.

Live Widgets Tutorial