Advanced Features explained: Printing BookWidgets quizzes

With ‘climate change’ regularly heading the news and the paper industry on the 3rd spot worldwide when it comes to energy consumption, we’ve all become more conscious of using paper, avoiding it when not required.

Yet, there may be times you really want a paper copy of your Quiz or Worksheet, be it

  • a backup copy to deal with forgotten tablets or network failure giving you a warm and fuzzy feeling

  • your principal won’t stop bugging you until he has a hard copy of all tests ever used on file

  • a copy with all correct answers  which you can put next to you as you’re reviewing your students answers speeding up your work

You may have tried printing out quizzes from your browser in the past, only to notice we were more focused on creating a great interactive tablet experience when we developed our widgets.

In BookWidgets v5.2 we’ve provided support for turning widgets into PDF which you can further file in an electronic form or send to the printer 

Which widgets can I print ?

The print to PDF feature is intended for:

  • Quiz, Worksheet and Split Worksheet widgets

  • The new WebQuest widget, which can also be used as a small booklet combining information and widgets

How do I use it?

Printing widgets only works from within the OSX or Windows BookWidgets tools. We currently don’t have support for printing a widget from the IOS BookWidgets app or from a web browser.

From within the BookWidgets tool follow these steps:

  • Create or load the widget you want 

  • Press the Preview button

  • Press ‘Print to PDF’ in the ‘Preview’ menu

Because the widget will print with all the information which is entered for the questions, you can also use it to generate a copy containing the answer keys.  Follow these steps:

  • Start by entering a password in the ‘General/Answer keys section

  • Press the ‘Preview’ button

  • Press the garbage can at the top right for 3 seconds to bring up a answer keys dialog and enter your password

  • All question answers and rationale sections will now be displayed

  • Press ‘Print to PDF’ in the ‘Preview’ menu


Watch this video and see how Niels explains how easy it is to create the PDF files:


As always, if you have further questions or comment, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


Bart Buckinx

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