Spotlight: Teaching French using iBooks Author

Using iBooks Author to create your own learning material doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch. Elisabeth Rosinel teaches French at Christ Church Grammar School, using a textbook called “Le Nouveau Taxi”.

With the support of Daniel Budd, eLearning Facilitator at Christ Church Grammar School, Elisabeth created a self-paced, interactive iBook to supplement the textbook. The iBook helps her students to independently explore the course content at their own pace. Elisabeth used BookWidgets to make her iBook even more interactive. As a result, the students were notably more engaged.

Here’s what Elisabeth had to say about it:


And the students are grateful for her efforts too, as you can tell from the video of student evaluations below:


Encouraged by these results, a new & improved version of the iBook is already in the works.

Thanks to Elisabeth & Daniel for sharing their story and for providing the videos.

Niels Vanspauwen

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