Elevate your Google Classroom with the BookWidgets add-on

Free webinar for teachers!

In this 1-hour webinar course, you’ll learn how to add 4 superpowers to your Google Classroom with the BookWidgets add-on:

  1. The power of creation: Create over 40 interactive lessons with the BookWidgets library
  2. The power of auto-correction: Create auto-graded worksheets with over 35 question types
  3. The power of sight: Monitor student progress live when they are working on your activities
  4. The power of feedback: Review student work and give constructive feedback using an efficient reporting dashboard

This all within Google Classroom, using the newest Classroom addition: add-ons!

You can find a more elaborate explanation about the extra powers the BookWidgets add-on will bring to your Google Classroom in this blog post. Or, check out this sneak peek video now!

Setting up the BookWidgets add-on

Admins can set up add-ons from within the Admin Console, then set up individual add-ons for their schools. In order to use the BookWidgets add-on, teachers will also need to link their account to a BookWidgets School account. Contact sales@bookwidgets.com to register a BookWidgets School account for your school or district. If you’re a Google Certified trainer, make sure to mention this when you reach out!