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Create fun and interactive exercises for Chromebooks, tablet, smartphones and PCs right inside Google Classroom

Create a wide range of fun, digital exercises for your students in minutes

Very easy to use
Modern design, professional quality
Ideal for Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones in your classroom

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Let students discover and apply new learning material

Active plots, dynamic worksheets and automatically graded exercises and tests.

With BookWidgets, you can create more than 40 different types of exercises, and customize them with your own lesson content, right inside of your familiar Google Classroom environment.

Tailored Teaching

Whether it's small exercises to supplement a textbook, make extensive web quests, or build complete lessons on your own, with BookWidgets, you finally have the tools to provide a tailored learning experience.

Combine sources, text, video, quizzes and interactive widgets to let students learn and practice at their own pace.

Make practicing fun

Word searches, crossword puzzles, jigsaws, memory games, ... You can create all of these and more in the blink of an eye.

You can choose from both individual and classroom activity types, and tailor them to create exercises that work on any device, from smartphone to smart board!

Choose from more than 40 different types of exercises

Quizzes, adaptive exercises, timelines, educational games, interactive graphs, worksheets, multimedia, maps, ... Just name it, it's just a few clicks away with BookWidgets.

Create, share, use and grade exercises
right inside of Google Classroom

Single Sign-On
No hassle with passwords and account management.
Familiar interface
Everything works as you expect it, and where you expect it.
Easy and fast
You really don't need to be a computer wiz or designer.

Grade and provide feedback via Google Classroom

Track the work and evolution of your students over time. BookWidgets automatically grades all student work, while still allowing you to adjust where necessary.

When you're finished, return the graded work and feedback with a click. The grades automatically make their way into your Google Classroom gradebook.

Follow student activity live

Monitor your students' progress in real-time while they’re working on BookWidgets assignments in Google Classroom, from home or in your classroom.

Immediately discover students that need extra challenges, help struggling students, play live games, take real-time surveys, and much more!

The most important benefits at a glance

Teachers tell us that using BookWidgets in Google Classroom has three major benefits:

1. Cost savings

With BookWidgets, your tests, assignments and exercises are completely digital. Students make the exercises on their device, so printing out stacks of paper is a thing of the past.

Tens of thousands of copies less every yer helps the environment and your wallet.

2. Time savings

Thanks to the automatic grading of tests and assignments, BookWidgets reduces 80% of your grading work. This time can be better spent assisting, motivating, and coaching students... Much more useful, wouldn't you agree?

3. Motivation

Students that cheer when you hand out assignments? It happens if that assignment is BookWidgets!

And what is more motivating for a teacher than motivated students?

Learn how to use BookWidgets in Google Classroom

More information about the Google Classroom BookWidgets integration can also be found in our tutorial or in this blogpost. You can of course always contact us if you have any questions.

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